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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Party

I’m joining Gina from the Shabby Chic Cottage for a beach party! I originally shared my beach bathroom in this post, but I thought it would be fun to re-visit a few things since I’ve gained a lot of new friends since then! I have also done a post on the interesting seashell wall technique in our first home, so be sure to visit here and here for the full details from both posts.

I thought I would highlight a couple low-cost projects using beachy elements to also join Maman Tattoo’s Projects Under $15 Party. One of my favorites is this seashell wreath that my mom made:

wreath The materials needed (which should cost less than $10 ) are:

~grapevine wreath



~hot glue gun (or adhesive of your choice)

~small pearlized beads (if desired)

Speaking of the hot glue gun, looks like I need to get it out and fill that blank spot at the top left with more shells!

Wrap the wreath with ribbon in a criss-cross pattern, then group the shells together and glue them on (watch your fingers). Accent with the tiny beads in between the shells if desired. IMG_2614 IMG_2615

I also love the seashells hanging from the shower curtain:

gbath4So easy to DIY with just some ribbon and glue! See how I used this same technique as a window treatment here. One last stop in the beachy bathroom is this little display shelf:

IMG_2616My parents brought me the little wooden bird on the left from Jamaica and I bought the starfish in Florida on our honeymoon. I love the juxtaposition of the natural elements with the silver and crystal pieces.

I also have a couple beachy touches in our dining room. Whenever you need to fill in some empty space on a table or shelf, just fill a vase with shells! Total cost to me was ZERO dollars since the vase was a gift and the seashells were of course free from the beach!

IMG_2619 And here’s our unity jar from our wedding, we each filled it with sand from the beach where we were married: IMG_2620

I hope you enjoyed the little beach party! I wish I could be at the beach everyday, but these little touches help bring back those special memories.


  1. Thanks for entering your project as well as Gina's.

    I love the seashell on the curtains :)

  2. It's all so sweet, and unique new ideas.

    thanks for sharing.

    barbara jean

  3. The seashells hanging from the shower curtain are perfect. What a great idea! I love all the beachy things on the shelf too. Thanks for visiting my site. I think there's a lot of us loving beachy bathrooms.

  4. Soooo lovely!

    I am back from peeking in on your other post with the wonderful window treatments and...creative idea of the shells embedded in the walls.

    What a treasure to have of your beach wedding!

    Blessings & Aloha!'s been fun meeting you at your Beach Party!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for giving me a heads up about the beach party! I just love your home! :)

  6. What wonderful beachy ideas! Love all your shells. Thanks for sharing.


  7. How beautiful! Great minds think alike -- those tall skinny vases are begging to be filled with finds from the sea. Love it!

    Thanks for joining me today!

  8. Those hanging sells on the curtain, awesome!!!

  9. Hello Christy - your beachy bathroom is fabulous! My fave is the shells hanging from the curtain. So sweet. Thank you for sharing!


  10. You are just so crafty! Where do you find time to do all of the cute things you do?!?!

  11. The detail on that wreath is so pretty. Your mom did a great job!

  12. I love the shells hanging on ribbon. And I love that you have used shells and sand that have meaning for you.

  13. That's some cute beachy accessories ya got going on it!

  14. I love the seashells on ribbons, so beautiful and SIMPLE! I'm so in love with your blog. I've added it to my favorites list, if you'd like to reciprocate, please feel free.

  15. Love your shells! The wreath is pretty, and I love the shells on the shower curtain!


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