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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Halloween Treats: Smores in a Jar

My friend made the cutest Halloween gift basket for her daughter’s teacher last week and I just had to share.  Luckily, she knows me well and took several photos before she sent it to school!


I had never seen these “Smores in a Jar” before.  She said she got the recipe from a cookbook full of recipes for treats in a jar.  These can be done for any holiday or season, not just Halloween.


She attached the directions on pretty cardstock with fun Halloween ribbon and used her Cricut to make a coordinating label for the top of the jar.

smores5  smores2  

Halloween Smores In A Jar

1 quart mason jar
1 sleeve graham crackers
1 package holiday marshmallow peeps
one bag of holiday M&Ms candies
1/3 cup of brown sugar
1. Crush 1 sleeve graham crackers to crumbs.
2. Layer 2/3 of the graham cracker crumbs in a 1 qt jar. Pack down the crumbs a bit.
3. Arrange 8 to 12 marshmallow holiday peeps standing up, facing out around the inside of the jar. Press them up against the glass.
4. Carefully spoon remaining cracker crumbs in the center of the jar to support the peeps, pressing down to keep it snug.
5. On top of this pour 1-1/4 cup M&M's in holiday colors.
7. Spoon 1/3 cup brown sugar into center of M&M's, gently pressing with a spoon. If you have any room left over, fill the jar to the top with M&Ms.
Cooking directions:
1. Empty the jar contents into a bowl.
Snip the peeps into bits with kitchen shears or cut up with a knife.
Return the peep bits to the mixture. Mix well.
2. Melt 1/2 cup butter; add 1 teaspoon vanilla. Pour this over the dry ingredients, mixing well. Pat into a greased 8" or 9" square pan. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Cool and cut into bars.


What a creative and special gift for a teacher, neighbor, or friend!   I love how she personalized it with the cute label and holiday towels.  This can be done pretty inexpensively, too, since you can usually find those hand towels at TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshall’s for under $5.00.

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  1. those made me smile :) I love them


  2. This is adorable! Paula from Idaho

  3. I've always wondered what to do with those marshmallow ghosts! Great idea!

  4. I've looked all over for those Peeps...I want to try this gift so bad...maybe one day I'll find them....I love how hers turned out, precious!!

  5. OH MY WORD, girl! This is too cute! I'm linking it to my facebook fan page -

  6. I saw this on another website a while ago, but yours are sooo cute.
    I am your newest folower come visit.

  7. i've seen this idea, but never with the ghost marshmellows! such a spooky treat!

  8. Hi there!!! I'm your newest follower from the weekend linky:) I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at

    I'm curious where you are? We used to live in NOLA until Katrina took us for everthing we had:( But we miss it dearly. I love all your flur de lis stuff:)

  9. Love this idea!!!! Might have to try this for my SIL's baby shower. :) Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  10. What a great idea. I'm going to use this for my daughters' teachers. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Absolutely LOVE this!

    Hugs & Smiles,

  12. This is such an awesome idea!

    I featured you on my blog's the link to the post:

    Thanks for the yummy inspiration!

  13. Ok, this is awesome....I wish I had someone to make this for!!! Hmmm.....I am gonna make it....

  14. this is awesome.

    I'm starting a new series for the Holidays, I hope you stop by, and link at

  15. I just love this and have the perfect friend to make it for! Thanks so much!

  16. Ehy am i just seeing this? It is so cute.


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