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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to Make a Fabulous Fall Wreath for Under $10

Today I’ll be joining the following parties, click on the icons to visit them and see more great projects:
  Falling for Fall
It was time to update my fall wreath, so I thought I’d share with you just how I did it for under $10.00 and in less than an hour.  This is a great alternative to those premade wreaths sold at craft stores for $30 or more. I bought all the supplies from Michael’s and Dollar Tree, plus I used a few elements I already had on hand.  First off, gather all your supplies on a good work surface.
IMG_2860 I purchased the following items:

  • Large Grapevine Wreath ($1.99, but you could use a coupon and get it for less)

  • 4 yd. Spool of 2” Wide Fall Ribbon ($2.39 on sale)

  • Various picks (I found the orange glitter leaves and glitter pinecones on sale in the Christmas section for $.39 each, the glittered pumpkin/gourds on sale for $1.19, and the mixed fall glittered leaves on sale for $.59)

  • Leaf garland ($1.00)

  • Leaf bush ($.99)

I already had the small orange/yellow leaf garland, scarecrow picks and narrow sheer plaid ribbon.  I only ended up using the ribbon for this project.  You will also need scissors and wire for this project.  I find that twist ties make a good substitute for floral wire, and they are usually easier to work with for this sort of project.
The day before, I removed the leaves from the Dollar Tree leaf garland, sprayed them with spray adhesive, and sprinkled on some Martha Stewart glitter (the same glitter I used on my pumpkins last week).  Once they were dry, I sprayed them with clear sealer to help seal on the glitter, but I’m not sure that really made a difference.  Obviously this step is optional.  You know I love me some glitter.
IMG_2862The reason I bought a garland and took it apart instead of buying a pack of loose leaves is that I wanted the leaves to have a stem so I could poke them into my wreath.
Now I’m ready to assemble the wreath.  I cut apart the leaf bush so I could work with the individual stems instead of one big bush.  Then I just started sticking them into one side of my wreath.  It’s helpful to go ahead and hang your wreath on the inside of your door so you can see what it will look like as you work.
IMG_2863 Then I began to layer in my smaller elements, like this glittered pick, which I also took apart so I could use each piece individually:
IMG_2864I love working with grapevine wreaths because you can just poke things in and they stay without having to use glue.  That way it is easy to change out the elements for a whole new look.  Here’s the wreath after I added all the rest of the picks and leaves:
Next, I made a bow using the ribbon I bought and layered a smaller bow on the top using the ribbon I already had.  If you’ve never made a bow before, there are some great tutorials on You Tube.  It’s easy, you can do it!   IMG_2866
At this point, I wasn’t really digging the bow at the top, so I moved it to the bottom and added some extra “tails” with the narrow ribbon.  Much better and moved to its new location on the front door:  IMG_2868
Obviously, my ideas are just meant to be a guide to show you that you too can have a fabulous fall wreath for not a lot of money.  My Dollar Tree also had some beautiful wide ribbon and other fall bushes and picks, but I had already bought most everything from Michael’s (don’t forget to use coupons).
You could arrange the elements along the bottom half of the wreath, or you could spend a little more and fill the whole wreath.  Whatever you do, don’t get suckered in to buying the pre-made wreaths that can cost anywhere from $30 to $70!!
Next week I’ll show you some different options for decorating your door, as well as what I did with those cute scarecrow picks!
Welcome, Fall!


  1. So pretty! I love beautiful DIY wreaths (they're ridiculously priced in the store). You did a beautiful job!

    Thanks for joining in the Fall Festival! :)

    Have a great week!


  2. I am always attracted to wreaths that are only decorated on one side like yours, beautiful!

  3. Your wreath turned out great. It really looks pretty on your door. Thanks for the complete directions. You got a lot of nice stuff to put on that wreath for under $10.00!

  4. OOoooOOOooo

    I LOVE it! I've been in need of a fall wreath, but didn't want to spend a fortune. I just hadn't found "it" yet. I'm going to have to give this a try - THANKS!

  5. Oh-And thank you for the link to the youtube tutorials on bow making. I need to check that out!

  6. It turned out beautiful. Love the adjustment on moving bow from top to bottom. Also appreciated the tip of leaving the wreath on the hanger while you work--makes a lot of sense!

    I would love for you to join in my FALL WREATH PARTY at red writing. You did SUCH a great job--come on over--you might win something! lol

  7. WOWZERS! Your wreath is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

  8. What a wonderful job you've done - the wreath is so beautiful! Yes, I'm sure you saved tons of money! I make mine own wreaths too and it's really fun, isn't it?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Artie (Niartist) Color Outside the Lines Blog

  10. Great thrifty job ! I love that bow - got some myself !!

  11. That turned out lovely!
    And looks beautiful on your front door.

    Kimberly :)

  12. your wreath is So beautiful and is set off perfectly against the cherry door-lovely...

  13. Love your wreath. Thanks for the step by step instructions. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  14. What a beautiful wreath... I love that its assymetrical!!!

    And yay for under $10!! That's MY kind of crafting!

  15. I made one last year, but now that I see yours- I will needs more on it! Yours is so pretty! I think I will take everything off one side and add it to the left!

  16. I made my fall wreath last night too!! And I bought my Martha Stewart glitter to make those pumpkins over the weekend!

  17. How cute! I really need to get on the ball with my fall decor! Thanks for sharing! ~Ashley

  18. I did my own wreath as well. I loved how it turned out in my autumn 4 less post. I also spent under ten dollars for

  19. Great wreath, you'd never know it was a DIY bargain project. I need fall wreath, so I'll just have to make sure I stop at the dollar store then next time I'm out.

  20. Great wreath...I'm so ready for fall. Our weather is to be cooler tomorrow...I hope so!

    Thanks for the tutorial. I can always use help with a new wreath!

  21. Christy,
    That came out so pretty. I like the glittery leaves too. You're going to get your moneys worth out of Martha's glitter.


  22. Love your beautiful wreath!

    Happy Fall.....


  23. Wow you seriously did a great job. Love the final outcome. The bow even looks great!

  24. Fabulous wreath. I like the bow better at the bottom too.

  25. Wow, you're very talented, great work! I agree, bow looks better on the bottom!

    Off topic, but I saw your poll. Don't go black with your counter tops!! We have black and it is terrible! It shows up new dust every single day. I have to take everything off the counters daily and wipe it down. It is very high maintenance.

  26. I have got to find a Dollar Tree! Never but but everyone is talking about it!! Love the wreath.

  27. Move over Martha Stewart! Great tutorial, beautiful wreath!

  28. Love your fall wreath! I was undecided as to whether I should make one for fall, but you convinced and inspired me!

  29. Love how that turned out - especially with the glittery leaves! I like a little bling, too! Happy Fall!

  30. I'm asking a few blog friends for a little help-maybe 5 min of your time. If you think you can spare 5 min can you e-mail me and I will give you more info about my project for next week.


  31. That turned out so nice - what a nice way to welcome fall!

  32. I luuv your wreath!! I would like to do one on my own also..thanks for sharing your wonderful tips! I'm now a follower:):)

  33. Very pretty! Great job...came from over at Kims

  34. Very pretty.....I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
    Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
    Oct 1 and a comment is all it takes to enter....


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