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Thursday, August 27, 2009

DIY Elevated Dog Feeder

This week’s DIY/Thrifty Thursday Find/Transformation is one that I cannot claim as my own but just had to share.  I frequently visit the Decorating and Renovating message board on The Nest (and sometimes the Craft board too) and came across this inspirational project.  I asked Sarah (aka sarahaaron08) if I could post it on my blog since she doesn’t have one and she generously agreed.  So I present to you the DIY Elevated Dog Feeder


Total cost: $5.00!!!! Yes, you read right, $5.00!!!  Sarah found the little table at Goodwill for $3.00 and used 2 cans of $.99 white spray paint.  Genius, I say!

A little more info: Sarah and her hubby have a large German Shepherd puppy that already weighs in at 90 pounds.  Bear had been having  issues bending down to eat and drink and would often lay down on the floor to finish his meal.  When they researched buying him an elevated feeder, they found the cost started at around $30.00 for the smallest version. 

Goodwill to the rescue!  It took them less than 30 minutes to complete the project using a jig saw and some spray paint.  The table  itself looks like wood but when you actually touch it you can tell it’s plastic with a wood grain finish (even better for a messy eater/drinker).  The table is heavy enough to where it won’t scoot as Bear eats and walks at the same time.

Here’s Bear trying it out:

Looks like we have a winner!  Thanks so much for letting me share your thrifty creative project, Sarah!

Think of the possibilities with this… can coordinate it to your decor so your dog’s “area” isn’t such an eyesore.  Even personalize it for them if you wish. If you can’t find a table short enough, just trim down the legs!

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  1. That's a great transformation and it looks like Bear likes it. My sister bought a similar one at a craft sale and paid big bucks for it.

  2. Hi Christy,
    So nice of you to share others' creativity. Perfect thrifty solution for bear.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  3. That's very cool and it looks like Bear has given his approval on it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love it! Unfortunately I have a doxie (short legs). She'd need a booster seat too! lol It's perfect for Bear! Great job - so creative (as usual!).


  5. I....LOVE....IT!!! I am inspired! Thanks for the reveal. Gotta do this one when I find the same savings on the "table". :-)

  6. Terrific! It needs pawprints and bones stenciled on it :D

  7. Why couldn't I have found that cute little table. I know my sweet Bella would so like that evevated dinning table!! Fun post thanks for sharing.

  8. Darn it, I paid like $60 for one for Murphy and that was with a coupon!

    Great project.

  9. That is the coolest thing that I have seen all day. What a great idea.

    And the dog is very pretty too :)

  10. If the pup uses it you have a winner. And what a cute dog it is, too.

  11. Great idea!! My pooch would love that I'm sure!

  12. That turned out really cute!

  13. Another genuius idea! LOVE this. And THRIFTY indeed. ANd Bear...well he's just beautiful! What a great thrifty idea! Thanks for linking up, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  14. Such a great tutorial- thanks for sharing!

  15. What a fabulous idea. I bet my two doggies would love that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. That is terrific!!! Thanks for sharing it. Now if only I had a dog....

  17. Now that is just the coolest things, Love it!!!


  18. Oh My Word - - - I see WHY Bear is Bear!!!

  19. That is so cute! Would she mind if I linked to this post as well? I used to love all the fantastic ideas on D+R. I need to make time to pot in every once in awhile. Those girls are the best!

  20. My sister did something very similar using old cupboard doors salvaged from their kitchen to make a little bench with bowl holes - it matches the decor perfectly. They have an American Mastiff who was also having issues with "food stooping". She's giant. Thanks for sharing!


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