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Saturday, June 13, 2009

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore, Part 2

Are you just beside yourself with anticipation?? I know, it’s so exciting, a bathroom post two days in a row!

I wanted to share the guest bath from our old house in New Orleans.  It was our first house we bought right after we got married.  Since the beach wedding and honeymoon were still fresh in our minds, I wanted to find a use for all those shells we collected.  My mom actually came up with the bright idea of applying them to the walls in the bathroom!

We troweled joint compound onto the walls, smoothed it out, pressed the seashells in, then painted and glazed the walls.  We just did them in little groupings of three spread out over the wall.

Here’s a full view of the bathroom.  We also used the larger seashells as a window treatment by attaching them to ribbons and then tying the ribbons to a tension rod.

And I’ve still got tons of seashells left over in a box stored in my closet!  I’ve filled a vase with some and also used some on this candle embellishment:



Now, I don’t want to go totally overboard with seashell decorating (like I have with another aforementioned object), but I’m always looking on ways to incorporate seashells into my crafts.  Any ideas?


  1. I think the wall technique was pretty clever. That's one of those things that I think looks amazing and yet, I would be afraid to attempt my self. I had to laugh at you posting regard the fdl since, I have the same issue. When I picked the name embellish, I wanted to use fleur de lis in my header but I couldn't find the perfect one.
    Obviously, we are kindred spirits.

    P.S. Thank you for comment regarding wanting to nominate me for a blog award. I was very touched and appreciate you kindess immensely!

  2. Hi CHRISTY! (I'm so embarrassed! I always think of you as April since The Domestic Princess is Christy too and yes, probably because of the Nest). I fixed it. Hope we're still friends! ;) lol Do you want to take the award back? haha Seriously - thank you, I'm really excited that you'd include me in your list(x2)!

  3.'s not my day! I meant to comment on your post before getting all embarrassed!

    Putting the shells in the plaster is an awesome idea! And I love the ribbon shells! You're so creative!

  4. This is just so stinkin' creative! Our master bath is a shell theme, so maybe one day when we buy a home I might have to "steal" this idea from you and do it myself :)

  5. Love the seashells in the plaster idea!!
    Looks great.
    barbara jean

  6. Some fun stuff here with seashells..., you'll be part of my next Bloggers Craft:

  7. Ooh...I love the window treatments... and what a wonderful idea your mom had with the shells embedded in the wall!, I need to hop back to your Beach Party and finish reading more!
    Blessings & Aloha!


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