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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Me, Fabulous and Flair-Worthy?!?

I recently received a couple blog awards. I'm always shocked and giddy with excitement pleasantly surprised when someone recognizes my blog, it means you people out there really are reading and enjoying what I write! The same goes for every comment that I receive, I just love reading and responding to them as well.

First off, from Jennifer at Chester and Donkey:

Jennifer has a knack for finding unique china, silver and other treasures at Goodwill and giving them new life. Like this pitcher:

And this clock to cloche transformation:

Be sure to check out her blog for tons of thrifty treasures and adventures in spray painting!

And from Jessica at Happy Together:

Jessica’s blog is full of fun craft and sewing projects that absolutely inspire me! I have bookmarked so many of her tutorials and will someday get around to doing them, I promise!

Check out these cute earrings she made using fabric scraps:

And this precious toddler dress and coordinating mommy top, both made from an old tshirt:

Too lazy to make something yourself? Just buy it from her Etsy shop!

Thank you ladies for recognizing my blog with these awards! For all the blogs that I think are fabulous and flair-worthy, check out my blog roll over on the left sidebar.


  1. Teapot? Where is it? I love teapots. The water jug is gorgeous! Love the cloche but that poor clock, it's gone! Love re-creations .. we made lamps out of teapots & water jugs ... fun! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Congrats on your award- well deserved!! yes, your blog is fab and full of flair.

  3. Oh! Congrats on your awards..I think I agree with themm ..I love visiting your is fabulos with lots of flair. I check out your long list of blogs lots too..hehehe1 ....

  4. Congrats on your award! You deserve it, and I always enjoy my visits to your blog!


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