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Friday, November 26, 2010

Spirit Friday: Fabulous Football Weekend

It’s going to be a fabulous football weekend, especially for SEC fans.  Several good rivalries will be going on Friday and Saturday, including LSU vs. Arkansas.  Some of y’all didn’t think last week’s match up against Ole Miss would be all that tough, but I knew better! And the Tigers have another formative opponent this weekend in Arkansas.  Then hopefully they will have a great BCS bowl game to look forward to!

The Saints pulled off a “Thanksgiving miracle” yesterday against those pesky Cowboys.  Boy am I glad they won that one!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving, I am still full from all that yummy food! For those cyber shoppers out there, be sure and check out the Black Friday weekend special I have going on in my Etsy shop! You can learn more about it on my Facebook page.

I may take a few days off from blogging next week to catch up after the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’ll be back soon with a great ornament project I have in mind as well as some new embroidery designs!  Have a great weekend!

Geaux Tigers, beat the Hogs!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gidget is patiently awaiting a turkey treat today!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catalog Chuckles

Have y’all met “Gary and Elaine” from Catalog Living yet?  If not, do yourself a favor and get a few chuckles on their blog.  Ever look at some of those perfectly staged photos in catalogs and wonder who would live like that??  Well, Gary & Elaine do! 

“Gary never claimed to be much of a cook, and after accidentally adding one tablespoon of good spirits he was pretty sure he’d ruined the day.”

They’ve prepared a very special holiday menu for us over on, check it out!

“Elaine never liked those decorative parrots, and she hoped that placing the cooked turkey near them would drive home the idea that they could be next.

Hope this provides a little comic relief on this hectic holiday! I’m off to start my Thanksgiving casseroles!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoppers, Start Your Engines!

Last year, I wrote a post about Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping.  You can go back and read it HERE.   We may brave the crowds and the early morning cold to snag a few deals this Friday, but I much prefer to shop from the comfort of my couch.  Plus, we give a lot of gift cards so that makes shopping a lot easier.

Are you as excited about Black Friday as the crazy Target lady?

It seems like the sales are starting earlier and earlier every year.  I think Kohl’s opens at 3 a.m. and Toys R Us opens on Thanksgiving night.  I just feel sorry for those folks that have to go in to work and deal with the throngs of frenzied shoppers!

What’s your shopping strategy for getting the best deals? 


Friday, November 19, 2010

Spirit Friday: Historical Tiger Stadium

Well, I’ve been mostly MIA this week; I just can’t shake this writer’s block!  Not to mention real life gets in the way of blogging sometimes!

Even though LSU won’t be playing for an SEC Championship or National Championship this year, we are still very proud of the Tigers!  Finishing up the season 10-1 would be awesome, but they have two tough games standing in the way of that.  The last home game of the season is tomorrow against Ole Miss.

Here’s a few fun facts about Tiger Stadium I found on the web (source)

  • Tiger Stadium is also well-known by its nickname, Death Valley. The original nickname for the stadium was Deaf Valley [1] (distinguishing it from Clemson University's Memorial Stadium), due to its high level of cheering during games, but over the years this was misunderstood for "Death Valley".
  • Tiger Stadium opened with a capacity of 12,000 in 1924. Renovations and expansions have brought the stadium's current seating capacity to 92,400, making it the fourth largest in the Southeastern Conference today.

  • When filled to capacity, Tiger Stadium ranks as the sixth largest "city" by population in the state of Louisiana.
  • In 1936 capacity was more than doubled to 46,000 when the north end zone was enclosed with a 24,000-seat addition. Money was not allocated in the state budget for the seating expansion, but money was allocated for dormitories. To bypass the legislature and increase his beloved school's stadium capacity, Governor Huey P. Long ordered that dormitories be built in the stadium, with seating above the student living quarters.[6] Until the early 1990s, the West, North and South Stadium dormitories were featured as part of student housing at LSU. The dormitories were later converted to office space for Athletic Department staff and faculty.
  • Tiger Stadium is one of only three Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools college stadiums in the nation who still uses the H style goal posts. This "H" style allows the team to run through the goal post in the north end zone when entering the field.

I may be biased, but Tiger Stadium is truly a magical place to be, especially on a crisp Saturday night!

Geaux Tigers, Beat the Rebels!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calling All Creative Ideas!

I received a package in the mail last week, compliments of Decoart:


A wonderful array of crafty products! Now I’ve just got to get those creative juices flowin’ and come up with some projects so I can try them out.


I love using the Decoart Metallic Paints on my candle embellishments, and I got a few new colors to try out along with a metallic glaze.  I’ve used the Glamour Dust before on my Ghost Candle Shades, and I’ve got a couple ideas in mind for some Christmas crafts.   There’s even some chalkboard paint in there!


The same day I also received a fancy new pair of scissors in this cute burlap bag as part of the Fiskateers program!  Can’t wait to break these in, too!

IMG_2318 Stay tuned for some new craftiness (hopefully), and if you have any great ideas, be sure and send them my way!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Spirit Friday: New Embroidered Items

Keeping on with my LSU & Saints theme on Fridays, I have a few new embroidered items to share this week. 

I made these little owl t-shirts and onesie a couple weeks ago and i think they turned out so cute:

IMG_2222 IMG_2219 IMG_2272 (2)

They’re not listed in my Etsy shop yet, but hopefully I’ll have them in there soon, plus I’m taking a few to a local boutique.

IMG_2275 (2)

And I finally got some more koozies done.  These are zebra print, but I prefer to think of them as TIGER print!

IMG_2250 (2) IMG_2251 (2) And I ordered some black and white polka dot koozies for the Saints:

IMG_2254 (2) IMG_2255 (2) IMG_2256 (2)

They look great with the coordinating Travel Tumblers!

 IMG_2258 IMG_1694

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  My brother is packing up for a big move to Florida, we are hoping for good weather and safe travels for their journey. 

Geaux Tigers, beat ULM!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inspiring Spaces

I’ve been holed up in my “sweat shop” the past couple of days, mainly working on these cute Ribbon Turkey T-shirts:

IMG_2308 So while taking a break to check emails and blogs, I got the idea to share a few craft spaces that caught my eye.  While my craft room/office is functional and somewhat organized, it is not nearly as beautiful as some others.  Prepare to be amazed at these inspiring spaces I found on Flickr.  Click on the photos to be taken to the Flickr photo stream.

Sewing room My sewing room My sewing room My sewing roomMy studio My Office/Craft Room In My Old House Ish & Chi studio

Hope you enjoyed… wipe the drool off your computer!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pretty In Pink Gift Basket

I had an occasion to put together a gift basket a few weeks ago and thought I would share.  This was a thank you gift for someone.


Somehow this pink and brown theme came together just perfectly.  I looked online initially to just ship something, but I couldn’t find exactly just what I wanted to I decided to make one myself.  IMG_1938I included one of my hand painted tins, a candle, some girly office supplies and some snacks.  I found the notecards at Kohl’s and all of the cute office supplies and the basket at Hobby Lobby.IMG_1940

And that’s a pack of chocolate covered sunflower seeds in the pink and brown theme!  I also bagged up some foil-wrapped raspberry chocolates and included a box of snack-sized chocolate chip cookies.


To make it personal, I embroidered the side of the basket liner and this travel tumbler with the recipient’s name.

IMG_1914 IMG_1916This is not something I do a lot, but I really enjoyed making it and just love how it turned out.  Just goes to show you can put together a fun and unique personalized gift without spending a bundle!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Spirit Friday: Etsy Treasuries

Both the Tigers and the Saints have BIG games this weekend, and it gets me in the mood to do a little “window shopping”.  Type in “LSU” or “New Orleans Saints” in the search box on Etsy and you’ll get a huge variety of unique handmade items.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

School Spirit Treasury


Who Dat Treasury


Click the links or photos above to view the individual items.

While you’re browsing Etsy, be sure and visit my shop.  All  of my ready-made frames are 30% off for a limited time! There are some great deals there, some frames are just around $15 including shipping!  


Follow me on Facebook for all the latest product updates, shop specials, and more!

Geaux Tigers, beat ‘Bama!!

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