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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Most “Pinned” Posts

It’s always a thrill to know that someone out there has enjoyed or been inspired by one of my projects or blog posts.  I took a quick look at Pinterest the other day to see if I had anything “pinned” from my blog and was pleased to see quite a few pins.  It’s no surprised that most of them are fall/Halloween related posts. Here are my most popular pins so far (click on the titles or photos for the original post):

Halloween Smores in a Jar



Beaded Spider Headband



Friendly Ghost Candle Shades



Curly Ribbon Wreathwreath


Since I haven’t been posting any new projects lately, it’s good to see that some of the old ones are making a come-back!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Family Affair

Looks like my husband has gotten the crafting bug lately!  He has started making these cool Paracord Survival Bracelets:


They are made from military-grade 550 weight parachute cord.  He weaves it in this “Cobra” knot pattern.   The paracord can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications. Such uses include: securing equipment, shoelaces, vehicle tie downs, sewing, repairing equipment, fishing line, and much more! Basically, every inch of your wrist diameter equals approximately one foot of paracord.


They are available in my Etsy shop in two different colorways.   A great way to show your support for your favorite team or make a unique fashion statement!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Geaux Tigers Burlap Wreath

I finished my Pinterest-inspired burlap wreath and I really love the way it turned out!


I really needed a wreath to transition from summer to fall and I think this was the perfect choice!  Even though summer is almost over, it is still 90+ degrees so I’m just not ready to bust out the orange and rust colors and pumpkins yet. 

I followed THIS TUTORIAL on Today’s Fabulous Finds and adapted it to my needs.  First off, my dollar store was out of the foam wreath forms, so I used a straw wreath form instead.  I just left the plastic covering on it.


I used some neutral ribbon from my stash to wrap the wreath so none of the straw would show through.


I also used these floral pins instead of regular sewing pins because they are a little more heavy duty.


I cut about 40 squares of burlap, I guess they were about 4”-5” each.  So my wreath is not quite as large or full as the one on Today’s Fabulous Finds.


I then folded all the corners together using the floral pin to hold them together.


So I ended up with these little burlap “bubbles” that I pinned all over the wreath.


IMG_3682Totally cute all on its own, but since it is football season, I couldn’t leave well enough alone!  I made a bow using purple and tiger striped ribbons and painted up a quick “Geaux Tigers” sign on a 5x7 canvas.


Here’s how it looks from the back, all nice and neat:


Perfect for the first few weeks of football season!  I may just have to put my fall wreath into retirement and use this one until Christmas!


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Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m sure many of you have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon by now, as have I. Just what I needed, another internet-based time waster!  Although, I prefer not to think of it as a waste of time but as another to-do list.  I’ve got my boards loaded down with mouth watering recipes, cute and crafty ideas, helpful tips and ideas, just plain funny stuff and MORE

I’m currently attempting my first Pinterest-inspired craft project. I just love these burlap wreaths:


Here’s a peek at how my version is coming along:


So, stay tuned to see how it turns out, and if you’re on Pinterest, start following me so I can follow you back!

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