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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I’m Working On Wednesday: Welcome!

Thanks to some sunshine and warmer temperatures this past weekend, I was able to get back to some spray painting.IMG_0291

I haven’t had any Welcome signs in my Etsy shop in a while, so it was time to re-stock!  IMG_0292IMG_0296I did these in a more rustic, shabby chic style.


IMG_0305 I was able to use some of my fun ribbon stash to accent them. IMG_0298IMG_0300

The perfect addition to your door during that lag time between winter and spring!


I also worked on a custom order for someone wanting a personalized Irish-themed sign for a housewarming gift, I thought it turned out pretty cute!

IMG_0282I’ve also been busy finishing up some tu-tu onesies to take to a local boutique and embellishing and embroidering some t-shirts. What have you been working on lately?    


  1. Those are positively adorable Christy!

  2. Oh, those are so cute! I may have to get one of those from you. I can see it as an embellishment on a wreath. Love the Irish one!

  3. Those are really cute. I like the personalized Irish one. Sounds like you are one busy lady.

  4. Hey! You won my random follower giveaway! Drop me an email at and we'll work out the details of your ruffled camera strap!

  5. Those are so cute! I love the crazed paint.

    As for us, we're mostly working on replenishing our current stock of soaps and scrubs and things - we've been selling a lot & haven't had a lot of time to make more! And my husband is completely redesigning our website to make it more inviting and an easier shopping experience. I did get the time to do a video demo on our Fizzy Bath Bars, and he embedded them on the site, which is great.

  6. oooooo I am so loving these girl!
    I don't know where you get your fleur de lis ribbon but it's soooo pretty!
    These make such sweet gifts, I just love the crackle in them, like they have been aged forever!

  7. These are so lovely!!! I love that you used the burlapish hanger thingy! (It's late...I'm tired...hence the technical terminology! HA!)

  8. I really love its rusty detail. It makes the craft more interesting for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. SO cute! I still haven't done anything with mine. (one of these days) I really love how the St. Patrick's Day one turned out! How perfect!



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