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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hurry Up, Spring!

Top ten things I’m looking forward to this spring (in no particular order):

1. Easter decorations

2. My garden bloomingIMG_03213. Estate sale/garage sale season

4. Another trip to Canton, TX

5. My birthday (well, not the actual act of turning a year older, but the cake and presents part)!

6. More hours of daylight

7. My wedding anniversary

8. LSU Baseball

9. Capri pants and short-sleeved shirts

10. Crawfish boils

What are you looking forward to this spring?

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  1. In no particular order...

    1. Decrease of snow and increase of flowers.
    2. MY wedding anniversary too! March 28.
    3. Going to New Orleans in 2 weeks for a week (and eating all the crawfish I can).
    4. Being in the play, "Comic Potential."
    5. Creating new Reef Botanicals products and having more sales!
    6. Craft shows.
    7. The beginning of face painting season at fairs.
    8. Longer days.
    9. Our Kentucky Derby party.
    10. Hiking.

  2. Ah yes, my garden and to actually see my legs again are at the top of my list!

  3. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! And I am also looking forward to garage-sale season

  4. Gardening, getting my toddler outside so he can tire out and sleep really well, picnics, riding the atv on my parents farm, having my 2nds son.

  5. Baseball and not having to wear a zillion layers, that is what I am looking forward too!

    Crawfish sounds good though too.

  6. The activities you'll have in spring sounds FUN! You'll be celebrating two important days this Spring? that's awesome.

  7. Oh, I am all about NOT freezing my tush off in Canton too! Yay Spring!!!

  8. Warm sunny days, BBQs, trip with the girls to Natchez


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