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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick and Easy Paint Can

I learned this little trick from my mom several years ago during one of our many painting adventures.  Some of you may already do this, but I thought I would share anyway.  Instead of spending money on paint cups and containers from the hardware store, re-use and recycle a container you already have!


Any kind of jug will do….milk, juice, detergent…just cut it down and around the spout leaving an opening large enough to pour paint into.


Leaving the handle attached makes it comfortable to use while painting a room or furniture.


Just a quick tip that I thought I would share!  Linking up with Works for Me Wednesday and the Power of Paint


  1. thank you so much. i am actually going to do some painting next week and that's perfect!

  2. What a great idea! Thank you so much for teaching me something!

  3. Great tip. Thanks. And it could just be thrown away when finished. No washing.

  4. That is cool!

    I don't know what brand of coffee you drink or if you drink it at all, but I use the small Folgers cans for paint. They are plastic, pretty much air-tight, allow me to mix colors, and I can save the containers for touch ups later. I just blog a bit of the color on the outside and write the project name with a sharpie.

  5. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Yes, I do this! I also use cool whip and sour cream containers. These have lids so I close them while I wait for the paint to dry.


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