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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Window “Mis”Treatment: Valance From a Table Runner

After our recent kitchen remodel, I decided the current window treatments just didn’t “flow” anymore so I started the quest for new ones.  I originally wanted to do a bamboo shade but ended up not being happy with the ones I brought home.  So I came up with something else…..


Yep, that is a bamboo table runner, and here’s the best part:


Only $5.99!!  The inexpensive roller bamboo shades were $30.00 and probably double that for the roman shade type, and I need at least two.  This table runner happened to be the exact length of my window.  So hubby screwed a 1”x2”x6’ piece of wood to the window frame.


And then just stapled the table runner right to it!


I colored over the staples with a black marker and you can’t even see them now. 

So I need opinions…..I have 3 more of these table runners, one of which I need to use for the other smaller window.  I’m not sure if I’m liking the straight  across look on this window.  I really don’t want it to look like I slapped a table runner up there.


So should I use one of the other table runners and combine it to make some pleats or something?  I hung it on the inside of the window because that’s how I will have to do the other window since it butts up against the cabinets.  So if I make it longer should I hang it on the outside of the frame?IMG_1745

Honest opinions needed!  Help!

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  1. I like it on the inside just like it is. I personally think it looks excellent. :) I think hanging it on the outside would cover the pretty white trim and I like how it looks sort of recessed on the inside. :)

  2. also, i am so into that $5.99 price tag, you have no idea! ha!

  3. that's a great idea, i love it! i used a table runner as a window treatment, but in a different manner. since it was fabric i just used drapery clips, but i love your sleek way. if you are interested in seeing mine, please feel free to check them out under my dining room label.

  4. Love that window treatment and that piece of stained glass in your window is beautiful Ü

  5. I think it looks great! But you are probablly like me and cant leave well enough alone ha!
    maybe you could add some fringe with poms (dingleberries as my hubby calls them) or beads.
    Again..I think it looks super as it is..thanks for sharing!

  6. I love how you think, so awesome!

  7. I am just a guy, and not very creative except for a little woodworking, but I would have never guessed that your window treatment was a table runner.

    It looks great! It takes the focus off the white window frame, reduces the amount of light coming in, and frames the stained glass and candle setting nicely!


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