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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DIY Day: If You Build It, They Will Organize

DIY Day @ ASPTLTTbutton 

This week’s DIY project solves a problem I blogged about a little while ago.  The area beside our backdoor had become a catch-all for shoes, hats, purses and more.  We don’t have a “mudroom” or even a proper entry way by the back door, so whatever gets dropped there can be seen from the kitchen and other areas of our home.   It can be a mess!IMG_2552 Ever reach your breaking point with something and just have to find a solution right then and there?  Well, that’s what happened here, so I asked hubby to build me a storage cube to hide all that mess.  I figured it would be easier to build one than to hunt all over town/the internet for one that met my specifications. So hubby drew out a plan:IMG_2561

and we made a visit to Lowe’s to procure all the necessary supplies, which was a sheet of birch plywood, some iron-on veneer edge trimming, and some stain.


IMG_2556The next part involved a lot of measuring and cutting, in which I did not participate.  I chose to leave hubby alone with his power tools and do a little shopping instead.  I came home to find this:IMG_2557

I did help iron on the veneer edging.  This gave the edges a finished look and would help make everything uniform when stained.


Now the cube was ready for stain.  I chose a color called Bombay Mahogany, because the tiny little one inch sample swatch looked like it was a good match to our kitchen cabinets.  It turned out way too red.  Here it is after one coat of stain:IMG_2559

So I had to add some ebony (black) stain to darken it.  Here’s a tip: save disposable lunch meat and cool whip containers for small projects like this, they make great containers for mixing stain and/or paint colors. I did one coat of the mixed, then one coat of just ebony.  I already had poly on hand, so I gave it a good two coats for protection.  So here’s the finished product, complete with a cushion my mom made:


Here are some more details:

I used a piece of an old window shade to make a liner for the bottom shelf.  This will help protect the wood, and I can just shake it out instead of having to wipe down the shelf all the time to remove the dirt that collects from our shoes.



I found this cute little canvas storage basket at Lowe’s for just $4.88.  It’s the perfect size for the top shelf.  I throw all the coupons and miscellaneous items that need to go in my car in there.IMG_2589


Um, and so the cushion is actually some packing foam we just pieced together then covered with a layer of batting.


Looks pretty, doesn’t it?  Duct tape holds the world together.IMG_2648 IMG_2649My mom just sewed a simple pillowcase to cover the cushion.  I don’t have the patience to make these pretty little corners.  I had originally planned to use the same fabric from our kitchen window treatments, but I didn’t have enough.  I think this natural-look woven fabric looks better anyway.  It matches perfectly with the shelf liner and complements the wood tone.  IMG_2708

Here’s another look at the finished product:

IMG_2698Unfortunately this wasn’t exactly a thrifty project, but I figure it cost the same or less as if I had bought one, especially if I had to pay shipping.  Here’s the cost breakdown:

~3/4” Birch plywood: $38.77

~Iron-on veneer edging: $6.47 (we used almost all the 25feet in the package)

~Quart of stain: $11.87 (I should have bought the smaller can and saved money here)

~Canvas drawer: $4.88

~Fabric:  $12.21

Total cost: $73.24 (plus tax)  (and we have materials leftover)


IMG_2552 After:

IMG_2697 Ahhhhh, much better!! Thanks, hubby!

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  1. Good hubby! I totally know what you mean about the "breaking point". I have those at least once a week! :) You guys did a great job!

  2. So much better indeed! I love it! I especially love that you used an old shade and packing foam :). It looks great.

  3. You're amazing. I love pretty organization solutions! Great job!


  4. Hi Christy! Your project came out wonderful! I love the idea of sitting on top to put on your shoes too! You're so lucky to have a hubby that helps in that way...mine would have said "go out and buy the one you want" and I'd have never really "found" the one I really had in my mind. Good job girl!
    everything vintage ya like that purple and gold this year?? looking good!!!

  5. This turned out great! I love that you used packing foam - I always try to find other sources of foam because the stuff in the stores is so expensive. Great idea!

  6. Great job! Thanks for joining me and make sure you entered your name in the giveaway twice for the Purdy paintbrush!

  7. You guys sure did an outstanding looks very nice!

    Have a wonderful day!
    ~Michelle :)
    (Treasure the Moment)

  8. What a great family effort! I love the outcome and would say, for such a nice result, the amount you spent was extremely reasonable. Custom storage... posh!

  9. Great work Christy! I love it!!


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