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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Before and After: Shabby to Shabby Chic


I know everyone was eager to see the transformations of last week’s thrifty finds from Goodwill, so I’ve decided to feature the ones I’ve finished so far.  Here’s that little jewelry box before:IMG_2629
And now after:
I love the pink, and the distressing gave it that perfect shabby chic look!  *Edited to add: I relined the drawers with pink satin.  I ripped out the old nasty velvet and made a template from the fabric.  I then covered thick pieces of cardstock (like from a file folder) with the satin using spray adhesive and glued them into place.  I still have to add some Swarovski crystals to the little handles and maybe the top or front of the drawers. 
I also painted and distressed the two larger picture frames and turned them into jewelry holders.  Here they are before:
 IMG_2628   And now after:
IMG_2631  After:
IMG_2662  IMG_2666Again, I distressed them for that perfect shabby chic appeal.  The floral paper adds to the vintage look as well.IMG_2669  IMG_2675I really love how all these turned out, something about the distressed look just really appeals to me.  They will be for sale in my Etsy shop, so hopefully someone else will love them just as much, and they will all soon have new homes!


  1. Oh Hey

    I have this very same jewerly box...I jus tmight have to try this out..would havenevr thought to redo has sit on my dresser for atleast 20 years..OMG! love your redos...keep up the good works.

  2. They all turned out so pretty. The distressing is beautifully done. I know they will find wonderful and loving homes real soon. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great ideas--I love that pink (and I , my dear, am not a pink person)...but it looks brilliant, swell, and all of that sort of stuff!! REALLY --smashing (I love playing with old words). The frames were a great idea. What kinds of jewelry to you hang in them?? ear rings???

  4. Your transformations look great. I especially love how the jewelry box turned out...I love it painted pink and distressed!!!

  5. The jewelry box is beautiful!

    How did you cover the inside? Does the fabric inside pop out, or were you able to just tuck all the fabric in?

  6. My daughter would love to have the jewelry box, what a fantastic transformation!

  7. So cute! You're so good with the distressing technique. I need your help! haha

    Great job!


  8. That is so pretty! Once again, I have passed by so many of those little boxes with no imagination! Thanks for the inspiration. That would make a terrific Christmas gift.

  9. Christy,
    I admire are able to knock out quite a few projects in such a short time!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  10. Everything turned out so beautifully. You are really good at the distressing technique! Linda

  11. I love the distressed pink! I have been wanting to find a project that I could use pink on. What a great transformation you did!

  12. How fun to see a pop of color in between all of the black and white makeovers. Good job!

  13. Very shabby. Very chic! You did good! :):)

  14. Those are awesome! I love the pink and my favorite frame is the blue one!

  15. Awesome!!!! I love them all. Very inspirational.


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