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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fleur De Lis Are Multiplying!!

I’m re-publishing parts of an old post from May to join up with the Multiples Party over at Vintage Junky. I apologize in advance for the poor photo quality, I took them when I was relatively new to blogging and hadn’t “perfected” my photography skills, and I’m too lazy to re-take them all!

I realized while hanging my newest piece of fleur de lis artwork that I really and truly am addicted to all things fleur de lis. While I know it may seem cliche to some, I have a connection to fleur de lis given that I am born and bred in Louisiana. It is such a unique symbol not only for our state, but for the city of New Orleans, where I lived for several years (and still miss). I guess my addiction really began during my days as a merchandise buyer for a tourist/gift shop in NOLA. Having access to tons of fleur de lis merchandise at wholesale prices only fueled the fire! Now I know this all may seem like overkill, but I've tried to keep it subtle and spread throughout the house so you don't walk in and become overwhelmed with fleur de lis. And while I have many pieces of fleur de lis artwork and decor items, each piece is meaningful and unique. I thought I would share a few of my favorites today.

Here is my most recent accquisition, a photograph collage by M. Palmer I hung in our office. You can't really see it in the photo, but it is actually several black and white photos of New Orleans landmarks:
This print I bought at the Red River Revel last fall, from Alexander Art Studio. This is by an incredible artist who does amazing fleur de lis designs, it is a tiger face:
Another print I bought at the Red River Revel a couple years ago, displayed in our kitchen, it is a fleur de lis made up of various Louisiana icons like crawfish and hot peppers:
Two more photographs by Joshua Lee, a gift from my best friend, displayed in our dining room:
Here's a collection of my favorite fleur de lis decor items:

My husband even made these nifty decals to hide the ugly fruit basket tiles on our backsplash (soon to be replaced with new glass tiles I hope!):

Although it can be fun to decorate in multiples, I try not to let it completely take over the house.  Hopefully they are all spread out enough that my house doesn’t look like a fleur de lis showroom!  But just when I think I’ll never buy another fleur de lis again, I’ll find one that I simply cannot live without! 

Be sure to head on over to Vintage Junky to see what else is multiplying!! Don’t forget to enter the great giveaway while you’re there.


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  1. I love that photo collage! I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. Thanks for joining the party!


  2. oh i just love your fleur de lis things! and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. I too love fdl and I love your collection. How ingenious of your husband to come up with that cool "hide" on the kitchen tile. I've had some pretty horrible tiles that I didn't know what to do with at times.

  4. I love fluer de lis, so let them multiple! I also would love to see NO again. Truth be told, all I really remember is the hangovers from that trip!

  5. Hello!

    Are You posting for the Pet Parade Party?Hope so-- you are on the to see you and your post!

    love, kelee & oliver

  6. What a great collection of
    fleur de lis. I have one in my collection if you look closely. I hope you stop by to visit.

  7. I am also a huge fan of the fleur de lis too, you have a great collection

  8. I love your fleur de lis! I found a pair of fleur de lis earrings recently and they are fun!


  9. lots of pretty fleur de lis. I love the mirror. Anyway, hope you are having a great week.

  10. Love the Fleur de lis - Thank you for adding the link about the Pet Parade! It is going very well and I'm soo glad you participated! Love seeing all the creativity!

  11. Such pretty pictures! I love that mirror. Everyone I've known who lived in NO misses it dearly. Definitely want to take a trip there soon!

  12. You're the best fleur de lis girl I know - look at your collection! Love it! :)


  13. Great collection! I love the framed ones...


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