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Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m back!

I’m back from my turkey-induced Thanksgiving coma/blogging break!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday filled with good food, family and friends.

We had a last-minute visit from my mother-in-law over the holiday.  She was able to get a cheap flight and joined us for several days.  My mother-in-law, Mary, is a very talented seamstress, and I was happy to pick her brain for a few days.  The first thing she whipped up was a cute fall dress for Gidget (who else?):


You can’t see it in the photo, but we embroidered her name across the back, too! And there’s a cute little fabric rose on there!

IMG_3377 Here they are together:IMG_3378We joked all weekend that I had Mary running a sweat-shop, but she truly was in her element in front of the sewing and embroidery machines!  We had a great time practicing on my new embroidery machine (that she generously gave to me), and I got her to teach me how to make a pillowcase dress.  I know these have been around for a while, and there are tons of tutorials on the web, but sometimes it’s easier for me to learn by actually seeing it made.

Here are the two dresses we whipped up (these are for you, Jess):

IMG_3401I just bought the cheapest fabric I could find at Hobby Lobby and used some ribbon I already had on hand.  I have to make sure they fit my friend’s little girls before I monogram them.

IMG_3402I was able to learn a few tricks on my sewing machine, and use some of the features I didn’t even know it had!  Oh, and we even worked on one of the items on my Crafty To-Do list, the keychain!

Mary also crocheted some dish-cloths for my mom, similar to these. She is one talented lady, I tell ya!  We had a great time!

I’ll be posting to the following parties this week:

Its So Very CreativeShow and tell poster copy_jpg w 


So now it’s time to change gears and get ready for Christmas! I haven’t gotten out all of our decorations or tree yet, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it this week.  I also can’t wait to show off the beautiful decorations at my mom’s house.  I’ve got to have everything ready in time for all the upcoming holiday blog parties.  So far here are the ones I know of:

December 4: Kelly’s Korner, Show Us Your Christmas Trees

December 5: Bella Dreams, Holiday Decorating & Craft Party

December 8: Centsational Girl, DIY Ornament Party

December 10: Southern Hospitality, Home for the Holidays

December 11: Hooked on Houses, Holiday House Tours

December 14: The Nester, Christmas Tour

December 18: Kelly’s Korner, Show Us Your Christmas Decorations

And of course there are the weekly parties at the DIY Showoff Blog (don’t forget to enter my giveaway over there) and It’s So Very Cheri.

Have I missed anything?


  1. I want a MIL like that! That sounds awful, I must add that mine can cook up a storm and I love that about her. Gidget looks beautiful as always in her bitty dress.

  2. How cute is Gidget in her dress! I love it! Your MIL sounds like the best kind to have.

  3. The dress on Gidget is soooo stinkin' cute! My dog weighs 100 pounds, so won't be donning any clothing, but a girl can dream.

    Love those pillowcase dresses too. I'm tapping my foot patiently waiting for grandbabies to sew for!

    Thanks for linking up to Mi4M :)

  4. That photo makes me soooo happy inside!!!! Thanks for linking and helping my night end on such a high note!!!


  5. That photo makes me soooo happy inside!!!! Thanks for linking and helping my night end on such a high note!!!


  6. Your dresses are adorable. It is great to have a mother-in-law that you get along with. My m-i-l has told me several times she should just give me one of the sergers she has-she has never even used them but I still haven;t gotten one. Maybe one of these days.

    Thanks for linking to the party.
    I will click to follow and add you to my subscriptions if you have that feature on your blog.
    Do you want to know why
    I am both following and subscribing? Check out my blog for the Google update.



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