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Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I Nuts?? You Decide.

While lying in bed the other night, my mind started to wander, as it often does.  I started thinking about none other than pecans.  Specifically, how I need to get over to our friends’ house and pick a bucket of pecans from their yard.  They had a “bumper crop” this year.  You see, down South, pecans are a very popular nut, and they can get quite expensive when you buy them in the grocery store.  So I’d rather pick my own for free and get hubby’s help shelling them (shhhhh, he doesn’t know that yet).

So of course, that led to me thinking about how I could turn my pecan picking into a blog post….which led to me thinking about all the yummy treats we make with pecans….which got me thinking about which recipes I wanted to share.  And then I thought, “Why should I be the only one doing the sharing?”  So, yep, you guessed it, I am going to have a linky party specifically for nuts!

Generated image

Mark your calendars for next

Tuesday, November 24th

and come join in the fun.  You can link up a post featuring your favorite recipe that incorporate nuts….it can be an entree, a snack, a dessert, whatever!  This time of year we’re all looking for yummy things to try for the holidays.  Don’t have a recipe?  Maybe you have a fall craft or decorating project that incorporates nuts, like acorns, that you can share. Maybe you’re just a nutty person and want to show us just how nutty you really are!! At any rate, be back here next Tuesday for some good old-fashioned nutty fun!

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  1. That is why I can't sleep! I am counting sheep when I should be thinking of nuts:)


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