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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Anniversary Week: Favorite Etsy Item


Every now and then, I feature some new items from my Etsy shop here on my blog.  One thing that I really have a lot of fun making are my candle embellishments.  However, my Etsy shop is kinda bare of any right now since they sold so well before Christmas.  I just got another small supply of crosses, though, so I should have some new ones listed soon.  Here’s a look at the ones that have sold in the past:

IMG_1818  IMG_3199 IMG_3203 IMG_3208 IMG_3209 IMG_3221 IMG_3232IMG_3226  IMG_3236 IMG_3277 IMG_1817

For a fun before and after look at the candles with and without the embellishments, click here.  Read all about my order that shipped to Thailand here!

Keep checking my Etsy shop for new and different creations!


  1. your candle embellishments are super cute! Being from LA you know I love anything fleur de lis! :)

  2. We all need a fleur de lis in our lives:)

  3. Boy I wish I had known about (and had access) to these for this weekend. Our Mardi Gras ball is this weekend and those would have been PERFECT for our centerpiece!

  4. Your shop is one of my most favorite etsy shops! Fleur de lis is so addicting. I love my latest little gift. You're so sweet! :)



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