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Friday, July 10, 2009

Show Us Where You Live: Foyers

This week’s edition of Show Us Where You Live over at Kelly’s Korner blog features foyers. This is probably the least exciting area of our house, but I’ll share anyway because it did receive quite a facelift when we moved in.

Here’s the foyer when we bought the house:


For such a small space, you wouldn’t think there would be much that needed improving. Wrong. That’s my brother peeling off the lovely wallpaper. It was hid.e.ous. Some kind of scene with ladies in a field or something. It was the first thing to go. Also note the tacky brass lantern light that hung way too low. You can also see that the previous owner installed a new door, but left it unfinished so we could paint it or stain it however we liked.

And here’s the foyer after:


IMG_2112As you can see, we stained the front door a rich cherry color and painted the walls purple (Vintage Grape by Behr). This color is also featured in the bookcase wall in the living room. We also replaced the old brass light fixture with a more modern one flush to the ceiling.

IMG_2110I’ve kept the decorating simple in this area since it is such a small space. It doesn’t get much attention anyway, since we always use the backdoor. I have showcased some of my candle embellishments here though:

IMG_2116The foyer is also where we first noticed termite damage, after we had painted the door frame and trim:


Fun. So we had to replace the door frame and threshold. We’re now under a termite contract to prevent further infestations. Oh, the joys of home ownership!

Since this is the final installment of Show Us Where You Live, I thought I would leave you with the links to all my previous posts. The first week was kitchens, which I missed, but you can see my kitchen cabinet makeover here on the DIY Showoff Blog. Here are the rest of my rooms:

Living Room

Guest Bedroom

Dining Room

Nursery/Children’s Room (of my best friend)



Laundry Room/Playroom/Bonus Room

Master Bedroom


Hope you enjoyed the tours! I know I had so much fun peeking into everyone’s homes.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of Kelly’s tours:

Friday, July 17th - Children Birthday Parties
Friday, July 24 - Show us your Wedding Dress
Friday, July 31 - Show us (and tell us about) your Wedding Party and Flowers
Friday, August 7 - Show us your Wedding Reception and Honeymoon
Friday, August 14 - Show us your favorite vacation spot
Friday, August 21- Show us baby shower ideas (ones you have had, hosted or been to)
Friday, August 28- Show us wedding shower ideas (ones you have had, hosted or been to)
Friday, Sept 4 - Show us your favorite Go To dinner recipe (we can all get new ideas!)
Friday, Sept 11 - Show us your favorite Dessert recipe
Friday, Sept 18 - Show us your baby gear - what you recommend and what you wouldn't buy if you had to do it all over again
Friday, Sept 25 - Show us some of your favorite places/sights in your town (great way to see the world from your own home)

I’m not sure how many I’ll participate in from here on out, probably some of the wedding ones and recipe ones.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. It is so much fun making new blog friends. Hope you will stop by for a visit.

  2. I love the color you chose for the walls and with the door next to it, it's a nice contrast!

  3. It looks so pretty! i love the deep purple color, you did a great job!

  4. That wallpaper is fugly!! I am so glad you got rid of it, and your foyer looks awesome! I love the color and I love the efficient use of space.

  5. I love the red door! That looks great.

  6. okay, the wallpaper brought back some bad memories for me.. our house was covered in wallpaper when we bought it..YUCK.. and it is so much fun taking it love your NEW entryway! The door looks great!!

  7. Ooh, I want that purple wall color! It's so gorgeous, deep and classy and not at all lurid (as purples can sometimes get). So sorry about the termites, that sounds stressful - but you caught them early which is good.

  8. love the purple! It's a color that I have been drawn to lately. :)

  9. I love the color and the light fixture. Our home came with brass light fixtures-yuck!

    I'm loving your foyer! Great job!

  10. I always love finding new bloggy've got a cute style! You might be interested in a blog party I'm hosting...
    Also can't wait to see your creative space when the Where Bloggers Create starts!
    I'm a follower now, hope you'll visit me.

  11. This is a great transformation!! I love the contrast between the dark purple and the light floor as well as your confident red door.


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