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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pool Progress: Day Three

Yesterday was a dead day because the rebar had to be inspected by the city.  Today they sprayed in the gunite and it is starting to look like a real pool! It’s hard to believe how much has happened in three days.  There is no turning back now!


This is the tanning ledge and steps.  That little hole will be an anchor for an umbrella.


Looking down towards the deep end.


The swim-out bench in the deep end.  This is in place of a ladder.


There probably won’t be too much change over the next few days.  The next step is the tile and flagstone border, which should get done next week. 


  1. Hey Christy! How funny! I was looking at your blog & my husband was behind me & I was like "Oh look, she's getting a pool put in!" (b/c he is the construction manager for Morehead Pools, so I knew he would be interested! :-)) & he was like, "That's one of the pools that we did today! How funny!" So just wanted to tell you that you've met my hubby, Kirk! :-) What a small world! It looks great! You are going to enjoy it so much this summer!

  2. How exciting! We got our pool put in a couple of summers back. You will LOVE the tanning ledge, I use it all the time (especially when my kids want to swim, but I don't. I sit and tan while they swim, but I'm in the water so it's not so hot!)
    We had some trouble with our installation. They got the hole dug and then got caught up on another project and we sat with a hole in our yard (and 2 little kids) for like a month. We were NOT happy. But the end result is so worth it. Be glad for every day they come and work on it. It means you're that much closer to swimming!!!

  3. It's looking great! We have a tanning ledge & a bench in the deep in too & LOVE it!!

  4. wow....going to be fun...


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