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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pool Progress: Day Nine

We had some lag time over the weekend and just some little technical things got taken care of over the past few days.  Yesterday the tile and flagstone coping was installed and the electrical was run.  IMG_3272IMG_3271

The flagstone coping looks fantastic! I’m really happy with the stone I picked out.


This blue tile won’t stand out as much once the Mediterranean Blue quartz plaster is on, hopefully it will blend the pool with the flagstone.  Our original tile selection was out of stock for the next two months, so I hope I picked a good substitute!


It’s still a mess out there, but I guess that means progress is being made!  There probably won’t be any big changes the rest of the week, and then there is the holiday weekend.  I think the next big thing is the concrete patio, which should get poured the middle of next week.


  1. when it's all done can I come over to swim?

  2. It's really looking good. I think you made great choices.


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