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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Gift Basket

My little sister graduated from high school last week, so I put together a little “dorm room essentials” gift basket for her.  I love putting together gift baskets because you can put so many personal touches in them without spending a lot of money.


I found this basket/box on clearance at Hobby Lobby and knew it was perfect because those are her favorite colors! It set the tone for the rest of the gift and will be useful for storage.  It was surprisingly easy to find little goodies to put inside.


I included a set of personalized towels, a laundry bag, a dry erase memo board, a note pad and fun pen, some hand sanitizer, a picture frame, and some room deodorizers from Bath & Body Works.


She loved it! Our real celebration will take place in New York City in a few weeks, I can’t wait!

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