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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unique Vase Filler: Recycled Auto Glass

I have a confession…..I’ve been hiding a little secret from y’all!  A few years ago my mom discovered a unique vase filler that you can get for FREEIMG_1122

It’s crushed glass from auto windshields!  IMG_1124

My mom had this large bowl on her dining room table but didn’t know what to put in it and she didn’t want to leave it empty.  Then she remembered the boxes of auto glass she had. 


If you call up your local body repair shop and ask them nicely, you can get this stuff for free!  It sparkles in the sunlight and candlelight.  IMG_1126

Since it is tempered glass, it’s not sharp.


And it comes in a variety of colors……clear….IMG_1129



….and black…. IMG_1131

It’s the perfect accent for candle holders and vases when you don’t want to use the typical glass marbles.

IMG_1132IMG_1134And the best part is that it is free! 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. that pink fabric is by Riley Blake! I adore her lines. Also, LOVE the idea of crushed glass... never would have thought.

  2. That is an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing we will all be scrambling to get to the auto body shop first! LOL

  3. Oh, that's clever. I sometime's use rice or kitty litter.

  4. Bling bling! gotta get me some. I love anything that sparkles. My friends make fun of me...that's not nice is it? LOL

  5. That's pretty genius right there!! Free & sparkly is a great combo.
    Glad you stopped by for a visit - thanks! : )

  6. That's so cool! I love the look and free=fabulous!

  7. WOW! I never would've thought of that!

  8. Never seen such a thing, what an awesome idea!


  9. Wow!! What a great idea!! Thanks for letting us in on your little tip!!

  10. That is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing on FTF!

  11. OMG!! I had to comment on the crushed "auto" glass! Last yr. when my car was broke into, I saved all of the glass that I could and put it in old bottles! It makes for great "eye candy" it! I also have a business in Canton...Girls Gone Junkin trip come and see us..we love our customers from Louisiana!! You can also check us out on facebook and our web! Have a great day...Cathy

  12. That is such a great idea! I have never thought or even heard about that before. I too have a large bowl/vase type thing I have no clue what to do with it so maybe I can check around and get some black glass I think would go really nice with it. Thanks again!

  13. We love to see any type of auto glass being recycled. Most auto glass ends up in a landfill, but creative ideas like this help the environment and look good too! Great job!


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