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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elements of Big Style in a Small Space: Outdoor Lantern as a Light Fixture

I thought I would share some details from my mom’s half bathroom this week.  This little powder room has undergone multiple make-overs in the 20 years they have owned their home and this is the latest incarnation:  IMG_0607As you can see, this small room has BIG impact! One of the most unique features is the light fixture.  This is one of those glass mosaic outdoor candle lanterns that are abundant at stores like TJMaxx, Marshall’s and HomeGoods this time of year.IMG_0619

When re-doing the room, my mom could never find just the right light fixture in the usual places like Lowe’s or  Home Depot, so she just converted this little lantern with a light kit.

IMG_0609This probably cost her less than $30 and was a quick and easy way to add some interest and sparkle to a small room.  A good alternative to more expensive versions like this one from Pottery Barn for $239.00:

   Pottery Barn Mosaic Hundi Lantern

There are tons of possibilities when you think outside of the box! I’ll be sharing more details over the next few days. 

Linking up to DIY Project Parade (check out her awesome GIVEAWAY HERE),  and other great parties seen HERE.


  1. Oooh, I love that. Do you just get a light kit at Home Depot? I have no clue since I NEVER do projects like that, but that one looks so worth it. That light is GORGEOUS!

  2. Such a great alternative to the PB one! I did a PB knock off light last week:

    Thanks for sharing your mom's! LOVE IT!

  3. Your mom is so creative, I can see where you got it.

    I am really digging the wall color in there, what a pop!

  4. That's a great idea and looks beautiful. I am struggling with trying to get a bath finished.
    HAD to stop by because my family was from parents lived on the edge of Black Bayou. (NW La )

  5. Love this light! Do you think she could do a couple for me? :)


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