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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Best Friend

I’ve been making fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning for the past few months.  It was kind of a pain to lug out the blender every day and wash it after each smoothie, but then I found my new best friend!

I found this little personal blender at an estate sale for $7.50 brand new in the box!  Now it takes only minutes each morning to make my smoothie and after a quick rinse, the blender is ready to go again the next day!


I vary my ingredients each day; today I used strawberry yogurt, orange juice, frozen strawberries and frozen pineapple.  I usually buy fresh fruit and cut it up and freeze it myself, but of course Wal-Mart was out of fresh strawberries yesterday so I bought a bag of pre-sliced frozen ones.  I’ve also used blueberries, peaches, bananas, blackberries and raspberries.  Good thing the local Farmer’s Market is open for the summer!

Every now and then I use Greek yogurt and add spinach (you can’t even taste it) for an extra-healthy touch.


Dump in the yogurt, add a little liquid to the 8 oz. mark, add the frozen fruit and blend.   I’ve found using the frozen fruit instead of adding ice gives the smoothie the perfect creamy texture just like the ones sold in stores for $3-$5 each.IMG_1222The best part is the top cup detaches from the bottom part so I don’t have to dirty up another cup!  Sooooo yummy, I’m addicted!

What’s your favorite summer-time treat?


  1. What a great, refreshing idea.
    Is there any chance it could be low calorie??
    It looks wonderful!

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  2. That is a great find. I bought an imersion blender over the weekend because I got tired of pulling out my blender for one milkshake.
    And yes milkshakes are my big weakness in the summer. I think I am going to make one after mowing tonight with the blackberries I got at the farmer's market over the weekend

  3. I love those smoothies. I make basically the same thing but have used apple juice instead of orange. It's a great healthy treat. Love the new little blender.

  4. I should start making them again, they were the best breakfast!

  5. Two great ideas for me!
    I am trying to eat healthier so I appreciate the drink idea, but now I know to be looking around for a smaller blender.
    Thanks for such a great contribution to the party.

  6. Yum! I love smoothies. I need to get to blending again!

  7. i had that same blender, the size was great, did yours come with the extra travel lid?
    on mine, the printed name on mine (above the button) smeared off. that was annoying. and it doesnt crush ice well, it overheats it or something.

    my fiance got a magic bullet for christmas and we love it because it is also really small but it has bunches of cups so we can have blended drinks at parties or mix up salad dressing and serve right from the cup. it crushes ice really well.


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