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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Craft Craze of 2010

Every year it seems that there is a trend in the craft world that everyone is trying out.  I wonder what it will be for 2010??

In 2009, it seemed everyone was using burlap in their craft and DIY projects.  We saw everything from burlap lampshades and memo boards to burlap pillows and window coverings.  I myself used burlap ribbon on a few of the frames for my Etsy store:

IMG_2657 IMG_2654Another thing we saw a lot of in of 2009 seemed to be the re-purpose and re-use trend.  So many of us gave old items new life by simply painting or sprucing them up a bit. Things that would have previously been thrown away now take center stage in our homes! Simple projects like office supply containers:

(also seen in this photo are my re-painted desk lamp and transformed mirror-to-memo board)

Old spice racks turned paint organizers:

IMG_2145 and jewelry from hotel key cards:

So, what were your favorite crafty trends of 2009?  What do you think will be big in 2010?


  1. I think this year will be the year of lots of patterns. There are so many cool patterns out there, and I think it's going to be something we constantly see this year across the blogosphere.

  2. I saw a lot more use of animal prints in crafting in 2009 . . . animal print fabrics, beads, scrapbooking paper . . . it was everywhere, and I had fun with it. Metallics were big in scrapbooking paper too.

    I am not sure what 2010 will bring. Maybe a return to the classics.

  3. I reused and repurposed a lot this year. Cutting back seemed to be the theme last year. Wonder if it will continue this time around.

  4. I must have been the only one who didn't do anything with burlap {except order two burlap table skirts for my living room}! I was crazy for monograms this past year, and I think that will continue into 2010. I also think repurposing or transforming stuff we already own will continue. I already know I have some lamps that just need some new paint and shades that I plan on doing.

  5. I love the jewelry made from hotel key cards. Too cute!

  6. I know birds and owls were a common crafty theme in 2009 too. I can't say what will be hot in 2010, mainly b/c I am usually behind on the whole trend thing. I am thinking maybe hedgehogs...but maybe they already had their 15 minutes?


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