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Monday, January 18, 2010

DIY In Progress: Drying Rack **Now Updated**

I took advantage of hubby’s day off today and requested that he make me a drying rack for the laundry room, a la Centsational Girl, who was inspired by Ballard Designs.  Here’s Centsational Girl’s version:

and Ballard Design’s version:

Hubby followed C.G.’s directions, except we left off the knobs because I’ve already got a coat rack nearby.  I used my free Glidden paint and the handy-dandy pneumatic paint sprayer to give it a fresh coat of white:


We should have it hung later tonight, so I’ll update this post as soon as it’s in place!


Update! The rack is now hung on the laundry room wall.  This is a small and narrow room, so this type of rack is perfect for the space.  There are also no windows, so I apologize for the dark photos!


Just one small oops where hubby drilled the holes for the dowel rods in the wrong spot at first.  No biggie, I didn’t even take the time to fill them in!


As you can see, we opted to use a chain instead of the hinge thingy that C.G. used.


It will be perfect for drying my lightweight sweaters and other “delicate” clothing.

IMG_0051All in all, this was a fairly simple and straight-forward project.  I say that because most of it was done by my husband!  I just painted and supervised.

We bought all the supplies at Lowe’s:

~ 2’x2’ oak, $7.47

~ 1/2'’x2” poplar boards, $1.61 (x4)

~ Window sash lock, $2.17

~ 2 feet of chain, $1.14

~ 3/8”x48” dowel rods, $0.84 (x2)

~ Set of 2 hinges, $2.08

~ 4 pack of D-ring hangers, $2.58

TOTAL: $23.56 + tax

Considering Ballard sells their small version for $89.00 plus tax and shipping, I’d say ours was a pretty good deal!

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  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  2. Looks like you'll be hang-drying soon in style!

  3. I could really use this in my small laundry room! Great idea :)

  4. This is such a cute idea! I have a tiny laundry room, but this would work!

  5. looking good so far!

    Thanks for your ideas and kind thoughts, I hope to get back in action with the jewelry as soon as my hand is back in action!

  6. Don't you just love Centsational Girl? Looks great in your laundry room!

  7. Oh, yours is so so fabulous ! I love the clean white look. Job well done - great substitute with that chain too !

    Big hugs

  8. It looks great. I need to make a copy for when I get a laundry room. Right now I just have a closet for the washer/dryer. I use the guest bath for the big rack.

  9. Love it! You did a great job! Thank you for sharing!

  10. It turned out great and I love the price!

  11. Your rack is so much prettier than mine. Mine is a hanger on the shower curtain rod.

  12. I like this, your hubby did good! Lezlee

  13. I like yours better than Ballards! You and the hubs did a fabulous job!


  14. Hi just found your blog while visiting
    What a great idea. Would love one of those in my laundry. Will have to show my hubby!

  15. So smart! Great idea. Isn't Kate the greatest?

  16. Love this!!! Will have to make one for our laundry room! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!

  17. You did a great job. Would love to have this. I even have a bar overhead in my laundry room, but this'd be great in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing.

  18. So obviously I have been living under a rock because I've never seen a drying rack like that. But now that I have?

    I WANT ONE!!!

  19. Excellent idea! I could really use one of these, and for less than $25, I could handle that!


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