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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Craft Fair Booth on a Budget

While going through the photos on my camera, I came across the ones of our booth at the small craft fair my mom and I participated in before Christmas.  I thought our little booth looked pretty good!


On the left side, I set up my tins and a couple frames:


In the center, my handpainted tags/ornaments and candle embellishments:


I have since sold all but two of the candle embellishments:


I also sold a few of the wooden tags/ornaments.  That’s my mom’s decorative tree from Pier One used to display them:

IMG_3666 More frames on the right side:IMG_3665

I also sold some  handpainted personalized ornaments, I was able to personalize them with an initial while the customer waited:


Two tower displays of my mom’s glycerin soaps flanked the entrance to the booth:

IMG_3660 IMG_3661We really put this booth together on a budget.  Since this was my first craft fair experience, I really didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Here are a few of the things we did to keep costs low:

  • Used plain white sheets for tablecloths, accented with fabric remnants from previous projects.
  • Purchased wire ornament displays (not shown) from Dollar Tree.  I only ended up using two of the five that I bought because they were a little flimsy, but I plan on stabilizing them better if I use them again.
  • Used our own purple tinsel trees (Christmas decor) to display ornaments.
  • Used some of the boxes that we transported everything in underneath the tablecloths to provide height.
  • Banners from Vista Print.
  • Used my own picture frames to display price signs.

Overall, I would say the show was a success (except for one little speed bump, right, MOM?).  I sold enough to cover my booth costs and time, and I even got a potential wholesale client lead. In the future, I will only do shows much closer to home (this one was an hour away) and in larger towns, but this one was a great way to get our feet wet. 

Do you have any craft fair experience or advice to share?


  1. I totally agree- your booth looks fabulous! I am hoping to do one next month, and it's outdoors! I am a bit nervous about that, but I hope to do well.

    Did you accept credit cards and stuff?

  2. Your booth looks great! Where in LA are you?

  3. The booth looks great! I'd love to know where you got those towers at the entrance.

    I understand doing it on a budget. We do handmade soaps, and used baskets we found at Michaels and Pier 1 to display them.

    You have to be prepared for anything too! We did a small fundraising event where they had us vending from an IHOP booth! You can see what we did (and the baskets) on my blog here:

  4. Your booth looks great! I did a craft show in college that was not very successful (I sold one thing to my aunt and one to my best friend) but I had fun ... especially setting it up. Ahhhh ... brings back memories!

  5. Your booth looked grand and I would never have thought that it was on a budget.

  6. Your booth looks amazing! You have some great ideas for displays that I might try to spin off for mine next year. Thanks!

  7. Your booth looks great! I love the shutters - very cute idea. Sounds like your first show was a success!

  8. Just happened upon your blog and am loving your Mardi Grais Spirit! I also love your booth set up! I did Mistletoe Market last year and it was so much fun. I missed not doing it this year.


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