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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Next Stop: NYC Fashion Week

I finished a bunch of ruffle tank tops last week and took them to a local children’s/monogramming boutique and the owner loved them!  She kept them to see if they would sell and to decide if she wanted to order all one color and design or a bunch of different ones.  Yay!  I had so much fun designing the tops, and I ended up with 3 different “collections.”

Wild Child


Dainty Diva


Party Girl


Too cute, right??!?!?  To view each top up close, check out my flickr album.


  1. adorable!! these are too much fun!

  2. Love those tank tops. They have just the right amount of embellishing!

  3. These tops are absolutely adorable and so creative! I've not seen anything like them before. Great job!


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