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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Own Personal Sweatshop (and a Vista Print update)

I was busy yesterday making some more ruffle tank tops.   I’m having so much fun with these, I feel like some fancy fashion designer working on her new spring line!  Ha Ha! Really, it doesn’t take that much talent, but it is fun picking out and coordinating the fabrics.  Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on:


IMG_2025 Too cute, right?!? I hope to have some listed in my Etsy shop and/or at a local consignment children’s boutique by the end of the week.


On another note, I got my re-order from Vista Print yesterday (less than a week after  my original review!).  For my original review of the products, check this post.  The labels looked much better, and there was no fading or discoloration through the pages.  After checking their website from my parents’ computer, I now know what a difference different computer monitors make!  The colors were much truer on their big fancy monitor (must be the resolution or something?!).  The colors of the products I received were still a little off, but overall I’m very happy with everything, and they get an A++ for customer service!


  1. Ooh! Can't wait to see the whole tanks! Got my soap today btw! Love it!

  2. I agree with C, cannot wait to see the whole tops the color combinations and textures really look great!


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