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Friday, October 8, 2010

Spirit Friday: Tailgating LSU Style

So far I’ve been lucky enough to have attended two LSU home games this season.  And yes, I was there for that poor excuse for a game last week against Tennessee.  Pure shenanigans!

Now call me biased, but I think my fellow Tigers really know a little something about tailgating.  They are pretty serious when it comes to pre-game festivities!  RVs arrive a day or two before the game, and prime parking spots are gone by early morning of the game.  I snapped a few photos last weekend and just had to share.

1002101106-00The campus itself is a beautiful backdrop for tailgaters.  Majestic live oaks and crepe myrtles abound.IMG_1941 Purple and gold tents line the streets and are scattered about all the open areas on campus.

1002101103-00I was pretty impressed with this large tent, but wait until you see what is inside….


Yes, that is a nice flat screen TV, but take a peek closer…


A total DIY LSU chandelier!! Love the boa around the bottom and the little football ornaments hanging from it!

If it stands still, it’s going to get painted purple and gold!


Now, I didn’t actually see this next tailgate for myself, but my mom received the photos in an email.  Serious stuff.

image imageimage See, I told you LSU tailgaters were serious.  Dead serious!


Geaux Tigers, Beat the Gators!!          


  1. The pictures of the trees are so beautiful! You could frame those to hang in your home.

  2. I was sooo embarrassed to be a tiger fan after that debacle Saturday! The pics are soooo funny because the tent with the chandelier are some of our friends! They had tons of people stop & take pictures Saturday. The hearse lives in a house that I pass everyday going back & forth to work!

  3. The picutres are great. But being an Ole Miss fan we are a tad spoiled we don't tailgate in a parking lot. One day I will make it down there for a game.

  4. I was at that game too! Unbelieveable! Since you like jewelry, try out Gaudets Gems on etsy. She is from Baton Rouge and I love her work. Nancy

  5. Love, love, love LSU tailgating. Finally got to take my hubby for the first time this year and he had a ball. Now he only wants to visit BR in football season. Geaux Tigers!


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