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Friday, October 15, 2010

Spirit Friday: Gidget’s Got Spirit, Yes She Does

Gidget is the star of Spirit Friday today.  Of course you know she has to be decked out with her team colors on game day.  Last week she wore her purple and gold tutu.


I made this for her last year with tulle leftover from a child’s tutu.  Click here to see the post.


It can also be worn as a neck ruffle!


Here she is modeling the Saints scarf I made her last year.  Click here for the simple tutorial.


IMG_0159 Will the Saints win this week??  Gidget sure hopes so! IMG_0158 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Geaux Tigers, beat McNeese St.! 



  1. Those are the cutest pictures! Gidget really knows how to work it!!

  2. I must have Gidget, because I don't think I have ever seen such a cute pup!

  3. OMG!! LOVE it, Christy! I might need one of those Saints Bandanas!!!


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