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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Embellished Bayou Inspiration

Check out the spider headband Rachel from Redpunzel made using my tutorial:

So cute! She added a round bead and gave the spider a head.  I love how it looks against her daughter’s red hair!  A friend of mine said she saw a girl wearing a similar spider on her wrist, how cute would this be as a bracelet/cuff! I may just have to make one for next year.

Edited to add:

Check out these photos Rachel posted on her blog of other spider headbands that were made with my tutorial:

Heidi at The Craft Monkey was inspired by my Ghost Candle Shades and made her own for just $2.00 each with some shades from the thrift store:

I just love the three different faces, I think Frankenstein is my favorite!

It’s so fun to seeing everyone’s different takes on these projects, keep the photos coming!


  1. ah, I'm so jealous of those spider headbands! I NEED to find some beads ASAP! haha {thanks for sharing my copy cat project}

  2. Geez! I wish I had a better photo to share! It turned out so cute, and that photo is awful! (My camera had just died, so I had to use my phone.) Thanks for showing off my copy cat of your headband! I just added a couple of photos that one of my readers submitted too- hers were just as cute! (Maybe even more so!) :)


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