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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kitchen Countertop Dilemma Revisited: Option Two, Skimstone Concrete Overlay

Last fall, I posted about my kitchen countertop dilemma and the solution I had decided on.  My review of the Giani Granite Paint is probably my most popular post and gets the most hits from Google everyday so I know I am not alone in this plight.  Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the end result so I have still been searching for an alternative to purchasing new countertops to replace the boring grey laminate ones. 

The problem is that we have this beautiful granite island to match up with:

Plus, my husband and I have a hard time agreeing on anything besides concrete countertops, which can get pretty expensive.  I have a friend who has a decorative concrete business, but she lives four hours away and is very busy, so I doubt she will be able to help us out with new concrete countertops any time soon. 

Enter my new solution, the Skimstone concrete overlay system!  This is a 3 step process that allows you to transform ordinary laminate countertops into concrete.  A bonding primer is laid down first, then up to three layers of the colored Skimstone overlay, and finally everything is sealed with a protective sealer.  The following photos are from the Skimstone website:

We ordered the black and mocha colors, and everything should arrive this week, along with the gorgeous glass tile backsplash I ordered!

I am anxious to get started on this project, and of course will document the whole process for all my lovely blog readers!


  1. Oh my gosh-
    I didn't know such a thing existed!
    What a great solution.
    Is it hard to find someone who knows how to do the work?
    Does that company send someone?
    Are you doing it?


    White Spray Paint

  2. Thanks for posting about this! It sounds awesome. I'm going to check out that website.


  3. It's going to be so pretty for sure. I really like the way it looks.I can't wait to see yours...Christine

  4. That looks gorgeous - I cannot wait to see it when you're all done!

  5. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I am wanting to do something with my counters too. I love the tile for the backsplash

  6. I can't wait to see the finished product. The pictures look great.

  7. I had no clue that stuff existed! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Are you DIYing your backsplash? DIY tile stuff scares me!

  8. omg! this project sounds super exciting!! looking forward to reading all the details - don't leave out a single detail!!


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