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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crafty To-Do List Check-Up

Last fall, I posted a little long “Crafty To-Do List” on my blog in hopes that it would keep me held accountable for trying out some new crafts.  I bet you’ve been wondering how I’ve been keeping up, right?!

Well……….I’ve been a little lax, to say the least.  The first item on the list was this Flower Pin from My Mama Made It":

While I haven’t made that exact version, I have tried my hand at a couple other styles to coordinate with some of the embroidered tees I made:

IMG_0364 IMG_0316

IMG_0984IMG_0989Another item on the list was to learn how to make a Pillowcase Dress like this one from Nap Time Crafts.

Luckily, my mother-in-law was in town over Thanksgiving and helped me out with this one.

IMG_3401IMG_3402And finally, the only other item I got close to completing from my list was a version of this Fabric Key Chain from U Create/The Idea Room:

I don’t have any photos because I gave it to my mother-in-law, but I used the cotton webbing topped with an embroidered ribbon, so it turned out something like this:

I really need to make some more of those for gifts and my Etsy shop since I have all the supplies.

So that’s about as far as I’ve gotten! I do have a good excuse, though, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around with my embroidery machine and making new things that weren’t on my list to begin with.  But it’s good to remind myself of all the fun ideas that I still need to try!

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  1. Found your site from Fireflies and Jellybeans link up. Your flower pic caught my eye because I just linked up one almost just like it, only mine was a paper one. Really cute ideas- I love the pillowcase dress!

  2. Everything is just adorable. Where did you get the cute colored fleur de lis'.

  3. I am loving those flowers. I like your idea of making a crafty to do list. I think I do better with lists although I really don't like to make them :)

  4. I am happy I found your blog! You are so creative and clever, I'll be back soon! Everything you made is amazing, way to go!


  5. I ay you are doing a wonderful job! Each treasure you made turned out so lovely. I would love to have a keychain like that!
    You have a wonderful blog!

  6. I made the flower pin at the top and it was so darn easy! Thank you so much for linking to it - so cute and I found so many uses for my little flowers. :) I just love this blog, Christy!!!!

  7. Thanks, Amanda! I'm so glad you are a follower and visit often. I apologize for the lack of crafty posts lately, hopefully I'll have some new projects soon! If you would like to send photos of the flowers you made & how you used them, I'd be happy to feature you!


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