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Friday, July 23, 2010

Demolition Has Begun!

I’m so excited, we have started the mini-kitchen makeover!  The first step was to remove the existing ceramic tile backsplash.  Hubby broke out the hammer and chisel and got it down in less than two hours! Now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the concrete overlay materials, which should be delivered today in time to get some work done this weekend.  Here’s a few photos:






I’ve shared pics of my temporary backsplash fix before, but I’ll share again for any new readers.  Here’s my secret: I covered up the decorator fruit and flower tiles with stainless steel contact paper!  No offense to anyone who has these, but they just totally weren’t my style and got covered up immediately after we moved in four years ago. 



You can do the same thing with all those fancy vinyl machines they have now. 

IMG_1454 AFTER      IMG_1451DSC01466I peeled some of the contact paper off while we were demo-ing and it came off just fine and left no sticky residue whatsoever, so this is a great option for a temporary fix or if you are renting and can’t make permanent changes. 

Hopefully I’ll have pics of my “new” countertops next week!

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