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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fading Away

Have I mentioned how much I love my hydrangea bushes out back?  Come May, I can’t wait for the bright pink and purple blooms to burst open.  The best part is we can enjoy the blooms practically all summer long as they fade from bright pink to green to brown.  These lovely shades were just begging to come inside for an arrangement.


There aren’t many pink blooms left.  I love how they look combined with the ones that have already started to fade into green.


As I was cutting them, a couple stems got broken up close to the head and were too short to put in a regular vase.  So I stuck them in this little teacup!


Pretty darling if I do say so myself!

IMG_1291IMG_1290Simply the perfect flower!


  1. They are so pretty! I love the green and pink you have going on here. I have all blue ~ well mostly, this year for some reason one bush decided to be blue, pink and purpley. There is a house I park in front of at my day job and they have a whole row of purple hydrangeas in front of their house {small town}. When I pull up there or am leaving for the day, sometimes I just sit and look at them for a minute.

  2. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, every last one of them has such unique and soft colors to them.

  3. My FAV' flower and your pics are beautiful. They have such delicate beauty. The buds in the tea cups are darling. Your blog is a treat to visitl

  4. Beautiful! I think I pruned mine too late as they're just starting to bloom, but they're blue this year! Last year they were purple and pink. They are definitely a rewarding plant to have because you're always surprised.


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