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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recycled Post: Jewelry Box Make-over

Originally posted 7/22/09

For some reason I am drawn to these vintage jewelry boxes, perhaps they remind me of the hours I spent playing with my grandmother’s vintage jewelry, which she kept in a similar jewelry box. I picked up these two at separate estate sales for $1 and 50 cents each.


These babies needed a facelift, don’t ya think? Enter the spray paint:

IMG_2165Much better! I spray painted the larger one silver and the smaller one lavender. They were still kinda plain, so I decided to keep on going by adding my initial and some bling.



I added the border to highlight the slightly raised detail border that still showed through a little.


I just used silver craft paint to paint the border and initial, then outlined them using a paint pen. I printed out an initial and used carbon paper to transfer it to the top of the box. Since I am an impatient crafter, I didn’t even tape off for a clean line, but it still turned out okay. If you wanted to do a real professional job I would recommend taping off.

Now they’re right at home in my guest bedroom, but I keep moving them around. Tell me which spot you like best.

In the vanity:


Under the vanity:

IMG_2171 In the corner (I’m leaning toward this spot):

IMG_2176 I’m linking up with Transformation Thursday, The Power of Paint Party, and other linky parties seen HERE.


  1. What a great idea! Now i need to find some old jewelry boxes...if you get a chance stop by and enter my jewelry giveaway at

  2. I love them in the corner! Nice job!

  3. I love it, but I love the vanity. I had the exact one in my room when I was in High School. It was black and I LOVED it!

  4. Love your makeover and love how they look stacked on one another!


  5. I love it and see these all of the time at thrift stores. The vanity is awesome too!

  6. These came out great! I like where you have them in the last pic. I really love that vanity!!!

  7. Hi Christy.. I am drawn to these old jewelry boxes too! Spray painting them is a good idea... I am going to have to try it:-)

  8. Love it! Great attention to detail! :)


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