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Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Glitter Dot Ball Ornaments

Today’s Holly Bloggy link-up is Christmas crafts.  Pretty much the only Christmas craft I’ve done lately is ornaments.  Last year I showed off my handpainted personalized ornaments, CLICK HERE (or the photo) for the tutorial/post.


So this year’s version was inspired by some ornaments I saw in the Crate & Barrel catalog:

GlitterDotBallsS6F10They are $35.95 for a set of six, but I knew I could DIY these for much less.  I used my Glitter writer from Decoart and a pack of glass balls from Wal-Mart ($2.50 for 10).


Not much explanation needed for this project, just point and squeeze dots of glitter paint in a symmetrical or random pattern.  The pointed tip of the glitter writer makes this a quick and easy no-mess project.   Allow a few hours drying time before handling.   IMG_2432IMG_2439

Add some ribbon to your hanger and you have a fancy ornament for little time and money!

FYI, don’t use the matte finish ornaments for this, the glitter paint will pop/peel right off! The shiny ones worked for me.


I also did one with our initial and a clear one with some swirls.


I filled the clear ball with some sequin trim to give it even more sparkle.  You can use tinsel, glitter, or ribbon, too.


Come and show off your crafts with Nicholette and Vanessa at Craft Envy.


  1. Cute... and nicer than the catalog!

  2. Christy, What great ornament ideas! I'll have to remember these for next year.


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