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Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Nesting Place blog is hosting a Lampapalooza.....and lamps just happen to be one of my favorite decorating accessories, so I thought I would join in the fun!

I'll start by posting my newest and most favorite lamps. I got 2 of these for my birthday last year, and of course I love them because they are my favorite color (purple, in case you can't tell from the dark pic), but I also love the cool shape and drum shade. These are in our master bedroom:
My next favorite is this acrylic ball lamp from Target. I topped it with a brown suede shade I found at Ross. It's in our guest room:

Of course I have to feature my Fleur De Lis stained glass lamp in the living room:

I scored these two babies for $1 each at an estate sale a couple months ago. I am on an endless search for a black drum shade for the white one so I can use it in our office. I was originally going to spray paint the wicker/rattan looking one for the office, but I think it is too large and it is going back into the garage sale pile.

Finally, here's a couple photos of the chandelier makeover I did. My best friend wanted a fancy chandelier for her little girl's room, and she had this old one just hanging out in the garage, so I spray painted it pink and added more colored crystals.



I have more favorites, but I don't have any more good photos, so I'll stop there. I have run out of spots for lamps in my home, but that doesn't stop me from shopping for them! I can't wait to browse all the other blogs and drool over more fabulous lamps!


  1. Love the chandelier!! What a great way to dress up a little creative corner! ;)

  2. I painted a chandy pink, too. Although yours looks so much better than mine! It's breathtaking!

  3. Love!Love!Love the pink chandelier! Just curious on the wicker wicker one what color were you considering? I'm always looking for new ideas.

  4. Love the pink chandelier. Very sweet!

  5. A+ for creativity and style. Lucky little muchkin! :)

  6. Very, very cute. Love the chandelier. Changing something old into something gorgeous. My favorite. Thank you for posting and visiting my blog.


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