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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

The first day of spring has arrived, finally! Spring is my favorite season (besides football season of course!) because my garden is coming back to life and the temperatures are perfect! I'll be taking a break from crafting this weekend to spend some time in my yard and try to get my business a little more organized. I did finish another Candle Embellishment today and I'm about to post it in my Etsy shop.

I'm really thinking about trying to sell some of my creations at a local craft show that is held once a month. Has anyone done this or have any tips for me? If I decide to do it, I'll have to get busy making more samples to fill my booth! The prospect of being out a lot of money (booth rental, supply cost, etc.) is a little daunting, but I suppose it will be worth it if I'm able to get some regular business....

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  1. Good luck! I participated in a craft show in November and loved it. A few tips I'd give are...

    Wear a half apron or something similar to hold your money so its always with you and makes it easy to make change.

    Bring as much as you can to try to can't sell it if its not there!

    Try to make your table intriguing and eye catching with items being displayed at different heights. Use blocks, crates, or other creative ways to give your table depth.

    I used black sheets instead of tablecloths to cover my tables, cheap and still looked nice.

    Have plenty of business cards to hand out.

    Bring a basket of supplies you wouldn't think of needing...tape, glue gun, scissors

    Have bags to put your customers items in. I picked up a bunch of larger brown bags with handles from the dollar store, 2 for $1.00, I'm sure you could find a better deal online, but it was something I thought of kind of last minute. If you have smaller items, Michaels, JoAnns, and Hobby Lobby all sell packs of brown handle bags that you could use a 40 or 50% off coupon.

    Make sure everything is clearly labeled with the price, some don't like to ask and you could loose potentional buyers!

    Ok... I said a few, and that was a ton. Just what came to the top of my mind! If you search craft fair or craft show tips in the etsy forums, I bet you will get LOADS of threads with great tips.

    Here's the post I did with pictures of our fair:


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