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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mike’s Special Shrimp

One of our favorite restaurants to visit when we head down to Baton Rouge for LSU games is the legendary Mike Anderson’s.  I hope they are re-open in time for the 2012 season after a recent fire! I got a craving for one of his specialties and decided to whip it up myself.  Luckily I had this cookbook on hand to guide me.


This recipe serves 4 to 6 people, and since it’s just the two of us, I improvised a little, cutting the butter way down to about half a stick and Worcestershire sauce to about 1/2 cup.


Popped it a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes until done and bubbly.


Together with a sweet potato and some edamame, it was a delicious and nutritious meal, not to mention quick and easy!


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  1. Mike Anderson's was always my favorite but the last couple of times we went before the fire it wasn't nearly as good. I hope they get it together! The sign says they'll be open in the spring. It looks like they're doing a total remodel.


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