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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Geaux Tigers Burlap Wreath

I finished my Pinterest-inspired burlap wreath and I really love the way it turned out!


I really needed a wreath to transition from summer to fall and I think this was the perfect choice!  Even though summer is almost over, it is still 90+ degrees so I’m just not ready to bust out the orange and rust colors and pumpkins yet. 

I followed THIS TUTORIAL on Today’s Fabulous Finds and adapted it to my needs.  First off, my dollar store was out of the foam wreath forms, so I used a straw wreath form instead.  I just left the plastic covering on it.


I used some neutral ribbon from my stash to wrap the wreath so none of the straw would show through.


I also used these floral pins instead of regular sewing pins because they are a little more heavy duty.


I cut about 40 squares of burlap, I guess they were about 4”-5” each.  So my wreath is not quite as large or full as the one on Today’s Fabulous Finds.


I then folded all the corners together using the floral pin to hold them together.


So I ended up with these little burlap “bubbles” that I pinned all over the wreath.


IMG_3682Totally cute all on its own, but since it is football season, I couldn’t leave well enough alone!  I made a bow using purple and tiger striped ribbons and painted up a quick “Geaux Tigers” sign on a 5x7 canvas.


Here’s how it looks from the back, all nice and neat:


Perfect for the first few weeks of football season!  I may just have to put my fall wreath into retirement and use this one until Christmas!


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  1. It turned out great! Where did you find the tiger striped ribbon? I LOVE it!

  2. I love your wreath and the bow and sign are a nice touch! It's beautiful. :) Thanks for sending me a link.

  3. It looks great!!! I hope y'all silence those cowbells tonight.

  4. Love the rustic look of anything burlap! Great job!

  5. Love it! THanks for sharing! Geaux Tigers!


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