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Monday, September 12, 2011


I’m sure many of you have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon by now, as have I. Just what I needed, another internet-based time waster!  Although, I prefer not to think of it as a waste of time but as another to-do list.  I’ve got my boards loaded down with mouth watering recipes, cute and crafty ideas, helpful tips and ideas, just plain funny stuff and MORE

I’m currently attempting my first Pinterest-inspired craft project. I just love these burlap wreaths:


Here’s a peek at how my version is coming along:


So, stay tuned to see how it turns out, and if you’re on Pinterest, start following me so I can follow you back!


  1. The wreath is really looking pretty! I don't have a Pinterest account (yet). I'm thinking I should give it a try but I'm afraid I would never be able to walk away from the computer!

  2. You're wreath is looking fabulous! I love Pinterest...what did I do with all of my time before Pinterest??? :)


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