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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Progress: Day 23

Although I don’t think too many of my readers are interested in the pool progress, I still want to document for us.  The pool was plastered on Tuesday and we began filling it that afternoon.


The guys walked around with special spiked attachments on their shoes while they were troweling on the plaster.


We chose a quartz plaster in a color called Mediterranean, which will give the water a dark blue look.  More like a “lagoon” style as opposed to the traditional crystal turquoise blue.


There will be a fence hiding the equipment and a/c unit eventually.  Add it to the long list of “fine tuning” we have to do!


Slowly filling up with water….


So even though we have a full pool now, we still won’t be able to swim in it for another week or so.  It has to sit in an acid bath in order let the plaster cure, then it has to be neutralized and chemicals added.  It will be chlorine for the first 30 days then the salt system will take over.

I’ll have more pics of it filled soon!


  1. Awesome! I bet you are super excited!!

    dolliescreations at gmail dot com

  2. wooohooo! it's almost time for our pool party!!

  3. It's looking good!! With the heat we've been having I know you're ready for it to be done.

  4. Looks good! I remember thinking the parents would never fill up enough to swim.


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