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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mardi Gras Decorations

IMG_2819With Mardi Gras day just a week away, I guess it is about time I shared my Mardi Gras decorations! They are pretty similar to last year's, but it’s always fun to look at a little sparkle, right?

The great thing about Mardi Gras décor is that it transitions so easily from Christmas.  You can use many of the same gold and green sparkly ornaments, wreaths, etc. that were on display for Christmas and just jazz them up for Mardi Gras.  Case in point, my front door wreath:


This is the same gold glitter wreath I used during Christmas, I simply changed out the bow, and added a garland and some glittered feathers.


The wreath on our backdoor is my favorite.  IMG_2816I re-vamped it last year and just added a couple more things to it this year, namely some glittered peacock feathers from Hobby Lobby and more gold foil picks.IMG_2817IMG_2818

Inside, another carry-over from Christmas, a purple tinsel tree:


It’s always fun to shop the after-Christmas clearance sales and pick up decorations that can be used for Mardi Gras, too!  Most of the glittered candles and ornaments were purchased at 50% or 75% off!


These gold glittered candle holders and basket did double-duty as well:


I jazzed up the coffee table with a purple candle arrangement mixed with beads and ornaments:


A great way to “recycle” all those beads caught in the parades is to use them in your own decorations!


Be sure and check out last year’s posts for more Mardi Gras decorations, wreaths, and craft ideas!


  1. Good morning from Tokyo!

    What regal and festive decor for the season. I miss going to the parades and hearing the bands. Thankfully you've given me enough eye-candy to get me through the next week.

    My best to you and yours...



  2. OMGosh, I ♥ all of your mardi gras decor Ü


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