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Friday, November 19, 2010

Spirit Friday: Historical Tiger Stadium

Well, I’ve been mostly MIA this week; I just can’t shake this writer’s block!  Not to mention real life gets in the way of blogging sometimes!

Even though LSU won’t be playing for an SEC Championship or National Championship this year, we are still very proud of the Tigers!  Finishing up the season 10-1 would be awesome, but they have two tough games standing in the way of that.  The last home game of the season is tomorrow against Ole Miss.

Here’s a few fun facts about Tiger Stadium I found on the web (source)

  • Tiger Stadium is also well-known by its nickname, Death Valley. The original nickname for the stadium was Deaf Valley [1] (distinguishing it from Clemson University's Memorial Stadium), due to its high level of cheering during games, but over the years this was misunderstood for "Death Valley".
  • Tiger Stadium opened with a capacity of 12,000 in 1924. Renovations and expansions have brought the stadium's current seating capacity to 92,400, making it the fourth largest in the Southeastern Conference today.

  • When filled to capacity, Tiger Stadium ranks as the sixth largest "city" by population in the state of Louisiana.
  • In 1936 capacity was more than doubled to 46,000 when the north end zone was enclosed with a 24,000-seat addition. Money was not allocated in the state budget for the seating expansion, but money was allocated for dormitories. To bypass the legislature and increase his beloved school's stadium capacity, Governor Huey P. Long ordered that dormitories be built in the stadium, with seating above the student living quarters.[6] Until the early 1990s, the West, North and South Stadium dormitories were featured as part of student housing at LSU. The dormitories were later converted to office space for Athletic Department staff and faculty.
  • Tiger Stadium is one of only three Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools college stadiums in the nation who still uses the H style goal posts. This "H" style allows the team to run through the goal post in the north end zone when entering the field.

I may be biased, but Tiger Stadium is truly a magical place to be, especially on a crisp Saturday night!

Geaux Tigers, Beat the Rebels!


  1. Are you calling tomorrow's game a tough one? I love my Rebels but we suck this year and I have been preparing myself all week for the butt whopping the Tigers will put on us. I wish I was going to be there tomorrow but it didn't work out this year, but in 2 years I will be there.

  2. Death Valley is the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!

    My 91 yr old father-in-law lived in the stadium dorms - made money at a hot dog stand during games. At that time they asked all of the students to please doate .50 cents to purchase the first MIKE!!!! Geaux Tigers!! We love you, Mike!!

  3. great staduim- looks like a local treasure- what fun. have a great weekend...



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