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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrapping Up The Tour

Continuing on with the tour of my mother’s Christmas decor…we visited the living room and the dining room, now let’s take a peek in the foyer and the den.

When you enter the front door, you are greeted by a cute little tree nestled in a beautiful ceramic pot:  IMG_3775 IMG_3779

What a fun idea to top the tree with peacock feather and a boa:

IMG_3780 IMG_3782

Some of these ornaments were purchased at the grocery store after Christmas….it just goes to show you never know where you’ll find unique decorations! IMG_3788The door is festooned with gold garland, ornaments, and more feathers:  IMG_3785

Stacks of presents in a corner are just for looks, no peeking!


IMG_3786In the den, the piano is decorated with vintage gold garland trees and tiny ornaments, as well as a branch adorned with sparkly turquoise snowflakes:

IMG_3813IMG_3809 IMG_3811 IMG_3812I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Only a few more days until Christmas, so let’s all enjoy the pretty sparkles and lights while we can!

This post brought to you by J.J., who thinks she can fit into Gidget’s dress….think again, J.J.!



  1. The decorations are gorgeous! I'm already inspired for next year!

  2. Those are so beautiful. I love all your pug pictures, by the way!

  3. Wow! I have never seen anything like that peacock tree! It is absolutely stunning!


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