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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Homemade Christmas

I’ve been busy making more wooden ornaments/tags for my Etsy shop and for a Christmas festival that my mom and I are participating in this weekend.  She’s going to bring her fleur de lis soaps and I’m going to have several different fleur de lis items including the tags, tins and candle embellishments

We’re kind of going out on a limb by having a booth at this festival, it’s in a small town and this is their first year doing it.  This will be our first craft fair/booth, so we just wanted to get our feet wet and see how it goes.  Hopefully we will have a good turnout!
IMG_3405 IMG_3422 IMG_3433 IMG_3444******If you want to win one of these tags for yourself, head on over to Finding Fabulous, Jane is giving one away for her Frugalicious Friday post.******
Have a great weekend!


  1. They are all so nice, but I'm kind of liking the last one best!

  2. Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints! Who dat!! (12 and 0, 12 and 0, 12 and 0!)

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!


  3. I did the glitter inside the bulb....if you watch the video they are so very easy and so very glimmery. this is my favorite found craft for this year...please check back and see how easy they are...Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by to visit...

  4. cute tags! Good luck with the booth

  5. I hope that the craft fair is going well!

  6. How adorable! My husband would LOVE the saints one! :)

    What show did you do? I did the one at Shreve Island last weekend & it was ok...It rained all day so that was a bummer!

    Talk to ya soon!


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