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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Featured Crafter

Since I don't have much crafting of my own to blog about right now, I thought I would feature some other crafty ladies who inspire me. I have no patience when it comes to sewing, and only do it if absolutely neccessary (my husband hems his own pants!), so I am really impressed by those who can do it so well. I found Mary on a message board that I frequent, and she has just recently begun to teach herself how to sew. Now that is commitment! Her blog, Life on 19th, chronicles some of her sewing adventures. She gets really creative with her fabric choices. For instance, she made these grocery totes using an outdoor table cloth!

Her other thrify fabric choices include cloth napkins, sheets and pillowcases, which all give a unique retro/vintage flair to her projects. So next time you are perusing the fabric store looking for inspiration, don't forget about visiting your local Goodwill and other thrift stores as well.

I also love the fabric she used for this little box bag, what a great travel accessory:

For all you coffee addicts, she also makes these great coffee cozies to protect your hands from those piping hot to-go cups:

These items and many more (plus some yummy recipes) can be found on her blog and her Etsy store. Thanks for the inspiration Mary, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


  1. great stuff you have featured and so nice of you! just featured an etsy photographer on my blog.

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